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Mark 7:24 (Table VI)

Eusebian Number

1.157 2.72
Matt.15.15-23 Mark.7.17-26a
15Petre answeride, and seide to hym, Expowne to vs this parable. 16And he seide, Yit `ye ben also with oute vndurstondyng? 17Vndurstonden ye not, that al thing that entrith in to the mouth, goith in to the wombe, and is sent out in to the goyng awei? 18But tho thingis that comen forth fro the mouth, goon out of the herte, and tho thingis defoulen a man. 19For of the herte goon out yuele thouytis, mansleyngis, auowtries, fornycaciouns, theftis, fals witnessyngis, blasfemyes. 20Thes thingis it ben that defoulen a man; but to ete with hondis not waischun, defoulith not a man. 21And Jhesus yede out fro thennus, and wente in to the coostis of Tire and Sidon. 22And lo! a womman of Canane yede out of tho coostis, and criede, and seide to him, Lord, the sone of Dauid, haue merci on me; my douyter is yuel traueilid of a feend. 23And he answeride not to hir a word. And hise disciplis camen, and preieden hym, and seiden, Leue thou hir, for she crieth aftir vs. 17And whanne he was entrid in to an hous, fro the puple, hise disciplis axiden hym the parable. 18And he seide to hem, Ye ben vnwise also. Vndurstonde ye not, that al thing without forth that entreth in to a man, may not defoule hym? 19for it hath not entrid in to his herte, but in to the wombe, and bynethe it goith out, purgynge alle metis. 20But he seide, The thingis that gon out of a man, tho defoulen a man. 21For fro with ynne, of the herte of men comen forth yuel thouytis, auowtries, 22fornycaciouns, mansleyingis, theftis, auaricis, wickidnessis, gile, vnchastite, yuel iye, blasfemyes, pride, foli. 23Alle these yuels comen forth fro with ynne, and defoulen a man. 24And Jhesus roos vp fro thennus, and wente in to the coostis of Tyre and of Sidon. And he yede in to an hous, and wolde that no man wiste; and he myyte not be hid. 25For a womman, anoon as sche herd of hym, whos douytir hadde an vnclene spirit, entride, and fel doun at hise feet. 26And the womman was hethen, of the generacioun of Sirofenyce. And sche preiede hym, that he wolde caste out a deuel fro hir douyter.