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    Westcott and Hort with NA27/UBS4 variants
    Textus Receptus (1550/1894)
    The New Testament in the Original Greek: Byzantine Textform 2005
    Antoniades Patriarchal Edition (1904/1912)
    G. Abbott-Smith's A Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament
    German Luther Übersetzung von 1545 (moderne Rechtschreibung)
    מקרא על פי המסורה (Miqra `al pi ha-Mesorah)
    Elzevir Textus Receptus (1624)
    King James Version (1769) with Strongs Numbers and Morphology
    The Emphasised Bible by J. B. Rotherham
    Scripture Passages Quoting Scripture
    Neue evangelistische Übersetzung
    Family 35
    King James Version (1769) including Apocrypha, with Strongs Numbers and Morphology
    Hoffnung fuer alle - Worterklaerungen
    Russian Synodal Bible, Licht im Osten Edition
    Westminster Leningrad Codex
    Open Scriptures Hebrew Bible
    Vulgata Sistina

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  • News Archives

    Posted 2021-04-25 by, the Ezra Bible App team
      Ezra Bible App 1.0 has been released! This is the first major release of this app after it has been renamed from Ezra Project. This release features a new app icon, icons in the application menu, a possibility to adjust the font-size of the Bible text as well as various other enhancements. Furthermore, two more UI translations (Ukrainian and Russian) have been added. For more details and download links, please see the release note on GitHub.
    Posted 2021-02-20 by, the Ezra Project team
      Ezra Project 0.17.0 has been released! This release is the first version that runs on Android tablets (at least Android 5 with a 7" screen). Note that initially the UI for Android is only available in English. You can install Ezra Project from the Google Play Store. Aside from that, the new version comes with a few improvements and bugfixes. For more details and download links, please see the release note on GitHub.
    Posted 2020-12-20 by, the Ezra Project team
      Ezra Project 0.16.0 has been released! This release features a new option to augment the book chapter navigation with section headers. Furthermore, starting from this release a Spanish translation and a Slovakian translation become available. For more details and download links, please see the release note on GitHub.
    Posted 2020-10-25 by, the Ezra Project team
      Ezra Project 0.15.0 has been released! This release features book-level notes, adding to the previously released verse-level note taking functionality. Furthermore, this release contains various enhancements and bugfixes, most notably support for older macOS releases (going back to macOS 10.10 Yosemite) and fixes for crashes on Windows. For more details and download links, please see the release note on GitHub.
    Posted 2020-08-02 by, the BibleTime Team
      The BibleTime team is proud to announce the immediate availability of BibleTime version 3.0, which is the first full release in the stable 3.0 series of BibleTime. For more details, please see the full release announcement.
    Posted 2020-05-09 by, the BibleTime Team
      The BibleTime team is proud to announce the immediate availability of BibleTime 3.0 RC 1 which is the first release candidate in the 3.0 series of BibleTime. For more details, please see the full release announcement.
    Posted 2018-06-18 by, the BibleTime Team
      The BibleTime team is proud to announce the immediate availability of BibleTime version 2.11.2 which is the second bugfix release in the stable 2.11 series of BibleTime. For more details, please see the full release announcement.
    Posted 2017-12-23 by, Refdoc
      I would like to take this chance to announce the immediate availability of SWORD release 1.8.0. I know this release has been a long time in coming, but the long time comes with lots of benefits for users, developers, and maintainers. The benefits to users and developers are mentioned elsewhere, throughout the code and other places. The main benefit to maintainers is that, now, there are automated tests in place and the release process is now automated. This means that future releases on that 1.8 branch can be easily executed whenever needed. Have a Merry Christmas, everyone! And keep your eyes open for a 1.8.1 in the not too distant future to fix up buildings in the binding code. Otherwise, you can get the code you're looking for below: MD5: 095dbd723738c2a232c85685a11827a8 sword-1.8.0.tar.gz SHA512: c45f3135255322a77e955297997db2529f31b397c42cc4b9474dc6ec8d329b2233b292078979de5fbf33cad4a1a607aabb66f86501072a729d68e9fc840c8c8e sword-1.8.0.tar.gz URL: sword-1.8.0.tar.gz --Greg
    Posted 2017-10-25 by, Refdoc
      Our Clementine Vulgate module has been updated with significant gain in textual features. Enjoy!
    Posted 2017-10-25 by, Refdoc
      Thanks to Thomas Boehme and the Causa Mundi Publisher we have just now added two versions of the Leonberger Bibel, a new NT translation with Strong numbers and morphology tagging, one following the Byzanthine text version the other following the Nestle Aland 28 text.
    Posted 2017-09-29 by, The BibleTime team
      The BibleTime team is proud to announce the immediate availability of BibleTime version 2.11.1 which is the first bugfix release in the stable 2.11 series of BibleTime. For more details see the full release announcement.
    Posted 2017-08-19 by, refdoc
      Many bug fixes and feature enhancements went into release 4.06. Enjoy
    Posted 2017-08-19 by,
      A new release which fixed various problems around new iOS frameworks, 64 bit processing and other bugs has been released on the 25th of June 2017. Enjoy!
    Posted 2017-08-19 by, refdoc
      AndBible has been many times updated since the last news release and is currently at version 2.8.4. If you have not updated for a while, do so! Great numbers of new features, many bugs fixed, all round a lot of goodness.
    Posted 2017-08-19 by, refdoc
      2 versions (one based on the Textus Receptus, the other based on the critical text) of a new Portuguese translation have been released. Also we have been pointed at a complete digitisation of the 1913 Almeida translation into Portuguese. Many thanks!
    Posted 2017-08-19 by, refdoc
      Several of our long standing Bible modules have been updated. The Polish Updated Gdanska has gained the Old Testament, the Shona NT is a newly (2013...) released update from the ongoing translation effort and the Lithuanian text simply makes use of updated tool chains which might result in a better module.
    Posted 2017-08-19 by, refdoc
      In the last couple of days we released an English translation of the Dutch Annotations, a early compilation of Calvin's notes and comments on large parts of the Holy Bible. We also released the Baptist Confession of 1689 as a module
    Posted 2017-08-19 by,
      5 Japanese Bible modules which had been waiting for adequate support for Ruby markup have now been released into our main repository
    Posted 2017-06-18 by, refdoc
      The Serbian Bible translation of Vuk Stefanovi.... Karad....i.... has been added in Ekavski and Ijekavski dialects.
    Posted 2017-06-18 by, refdoc
      In the last days an updated version of the Spanish Reina Valera Gomez translation, the Belarus Translation, several new Russian Bible modules for Central Asia, a new Bible translation into Tausug and an updated Slovenian KJV translation have been added.
    Posted 2017-05-16 by, refdoc
      A number of puritan books have been added as modules. Thanks to Martin Denham!
    Posted 2017-05-16 by, refdoc
      Our newest ESV module has, thanks to Tyndale House Strong numbers.
    Posted 2017-02-22 by, refdoc
      A new Uyghur Bible module in Cyrillic script has been added (UyCyr). Also a new Finnish language Bible translation (FinRK) Several other modules have been updated (CzeCEP, AbbotSmithStrongs). More modules to follow next few days!
    Posted 2016-12-21 by, The BibleTime team
      The BibleTime team is proud to announce the immediate availability of BibleTime version 2.11.0, which is the first full release in the stable 2.11 series of BibleTime. For more details see the full release announcement which can be found on
    Posted 2016-01-11 by, Refdoc
      This is mostly a bug-fix release. Both ordinary Windows installer and portable executable are ready for download.
    Posted 2016-01-09 by, Refdoc
      Thanks to Tom Lemmens we are today able to announce the Dutch Canisius Translation, a Roman Catholic translation with deuterocanonical material.
    Posted 2016-01-09 by, Refdoc
      Thanks to the generosity of Yves Petrakian who offered us his text and to the hard work of DomCox we now have the French Westphal Bible Encyclopaedia as a module.
    Posted 2015-12-24 by, Refdoc
      Thanks to the hard work of Fr Cyrille and the kind permission of the publishers, we are now able to distribute the NT and Psalms in kiKongo, one of the main languages in the Congo.
    Posted 2015-12-24 by, Refdoc
      Thanks to Marjan Savli's work we are now able to publish the Slovenian translation of the Amplified Bible. For the moment this module contains Psalms and Galatians. More will come in future. Please check from time to time for updates!
    Posted 2015-12-24 by, Refdoc
      Thanks to David's hard work we were able to publish today 4 new French public domain texts - Geneve 1669, Synodale 1921, Oltramare 1874 and Stapfer 1889. Happy Christmas to all! Joyeux Noel
    Posted 2015-12-23 by, Refdoc
      Thanks to the efforts of Tuomas Airaksinen who both negotiated the permissions and created the OSIS file for import we are now able to publish the Finnish Raamattu Kansalle (2012).
    Posted 2015-12-22 by, Refdoc
      Thanks to the hard work of Baiju and others we are proud to offer now as a new module the complete Sathyavedapusthakam (Malayalam Bible) published in 1910. This replaces a previous module which contained only the four gospels.
    Posted 2015-07-17 by, Refdoc
      Following updates and improvements to our USFM->OSIS tool chain the module has been updated. No changes to the text.
    Posted 2015-07-13 by, Refdoc
      Thanks to Mr Marjan Savli we have now NT and Psalms of the Slovenian Josip Stritar translation available in our repositories.
    Posted 2015-07-10 by, Refdoc
      An endeavour to digitise and proofread the 1910 Malayalam Bible is on the way. Thanks, Baiju! If you want to participate in this - please look here. The first fruit, a gospel of John has been published today.
    Posted 2015-07-10 by, Refdoc
      Today the Kapingamarangi Bible translation was added to our modules. Kapingamarangi is a language spoken by about 3000 people in Pohnpei, FSM. Many thanks to Kahunapule, Dak and Paulus.
    Posted 2015-07-09 by, Refdoc
      Thanks to BLI and WBTC we have a new Turkish module, the TurHADI - an easy to read, modern Turkish NT.
    Posted 2015-05-19 by, refdoc
      FireBible has been updated to version 2.0b3. What......s new: Alternate versification (av11n) support. You can now read Catholic and other Bibles with versification that differs from KJV canon. Try the CPDV or DRC Catholic bibles. FireBible will download the native libraries it needs on Windows or Linux, it......s marginally faster than previous versions and much more robust (no more issues due to Mozilla......s security policies or odd Java distributions and browser plugins).
    Posted 2015-04-10 by, Refdoc
      This has an updated editor, module abbrev support, glosses/ruby + morpheme segmentation support, automatic module obsolescence support, more informative "about" dialog for modules, a pile of bug fixes, a whole lot of GTK3 compatibility hackery, WebKit2 compatibility, and code quality updates consequent to cppcheck(1) analysis.
    Posted 2015-02-07 by, refdoc
      Following successful negotiations with the British and Foreign Bible Society we have today (re)published the Romanian Cornilescu translation. The BFBS text is a revised text of the 1921 Cornilescu translation, has titles, footnotes and crossreferences. Red Letter markup is present in the NT. Enjoy!
    Posted 2015-01-29 by, Refdoc
      Thanks to IBS we are able to release today the text of the Tausug New Testament translation.
    Posted 2014-12-27 by, refdoc
      An updated text, thanks to Costas Stergiou, of the Greek Vamvas translation from 1850 has been released. This module (GreVamvas) replaces and obsoletes our previous module of the same text (UKGreek)
    Posted 2014-12-27 by, refdoc
      • "Dark Night of the Soul" - a work by St John of the Cross
      • "Al Zat", an Arabic language book by Pope Shenouda II
    Posted 2014-12-27 by, refdoc
      New Bible translations released
      • Old Pohnpeian Translation
      • Recovery Version
      Updated Bible translation modules
      • Lithuanian Bible
      Updated commentaries
      • Chaque jour les ....critures, a French Bible commentary
    Posted 2014-12-27 by, refdoc
      Xiphos 4.0 provides now support for a large number of different versification schemes, different traditions of sorting Biblical books and deuterocanonical material. Also with more work on the across-network synchronisation feature (Biblesync) for joining up different devices. To check it out go here
    Posted 2014-08-25 by, Refdoc
      Maintenance release of Xiphos 3.2.2 Improved compatibility to GTK3, improved configuration of BibleSync, some other clean-up. Windows installer, RPM packages and source available here.
    Posted 2014-07-05 by, Jaak Ristioja
      The BibleTime team is proud to announce the immediate availability of BibleTime version 2.10.1, which is the first bugfix release in the stable 2.10 series of BibleTime, based on Sword 1.7. For more details see the full release announcement which can be found on
    Posted 2014-01-21 by, refdoc
      This release is for compatibility with the recent Sword release, a number of small features, and many bug fixes.
    Posted 2013-12-24 by, Jaak Ristioja

      The BibleTime team is proud to announce the immediate availability of BibleTime version 2.10.0, which is the first release in the stable 2.10 series of BibleTime, based on Sword 1.7.

      For more details see the full release announcement which can be found on

    Posted 2013-12-21 by, Refdoc
      Many thanks to the many contributors : Sword 1.7 was released in early October 2013. What is new in 1.7? Many new versifications and locale, large scale refactoring and standardisation of many methods and the addition of filters for standard compliant XHTML output are probably the most important improvements. Improved output in various formats, handling of bibliographic data and addition of new transports to the install manager are other changes. We will from now on maintain both a maintenance branch for 1.7 and a development branch for new features.
    Posted 2013-12-17 by, Jaak Ristioja

      The BibleTime team is proud to announce the immediate availability of BibleTime version 2.10 RC 1, which is the first release candidate in the 2.10 series of BibleTime, based on Sword 1.7.

      For more details see the full release announcement which can be found on

    Posted 2013-12-10 by, Jaak Ristioja

      The BibleTime team is proud to announce the immediate availability of BibleTime version 2.10 beta 1, which is the first beta release in the 2.10 series of BibleTime, based on Sword 1.7.

      For more details see the full release announcement which can be found on

    Posted 2013-06-03 by, Jaak Ristioja

      The BibleTime team is proud to announce the immediate availability of BibleTime version 2.9.2 which is the second bugfix release in the stable 2.9 series of BibleTime. All users of BibleTime are encouraged to upgrade.

      Notable changes since 2.9.1:

      • Fixed building agains newer versions of Qt.
      • Slightly enhanced templating/extensibility capabilities (see here for a preliminary guide).
      • Many other fixes, optimizations and translation changes.

      Source code for BibleTime 2.9.2 can be found here.

    Posted 2013-03-21 by, refdoc
      Version 1.8.0 offers:
      • Split screen functionality:
        enable in Settings, linked or not, can minimize the second screen, adjustable screen sizes, see demonstration video at
      • Support for Samsung multi-window
      • Can limit Search to current Bible book
      • Bug fixes
    Posted 2012-02-13 by, Jaak Ristioja

      The BibleTime team is proud to announce the availability of BibleTime version 2.9.1 released on December 22, 2011. Version 2.9.1 is the second full release in the stable 2.9 series of BibleTime.

      Changes since 2.9.0:

      • Fixed Portuguese translation not being included.
      • Updated British translation.
      • Updated handbooks.

      The source code for BibleTime and binaries for Mac and Windows can be downloaded from our SourceForge project page

    Posted 2012-02-12 by, Jon Morgan
      BPBible 0.5.1 has been released. This is principally a bug-fix release. It can be downloaded here.

      See here for more details of the changes included.
    Posted 2011-09-08 by, Nic Carter
      PocketSword v1.4.1 has been released today with the following additions:
      • iPad version!
      • addition of multitasking support, so you can continue downloading your modules while the app isn't the active app
      • addition of modules with alternative versification (Apocrypha, Synodal, etc.)
      • more fonts for displaying more Asian language scripts
      • minor improvements and bug fixes
      • added Thai, German & Portuguese localisations
    Posted 2011-08-17 by, refdoc
      Today we released 2 modules (NT and complete Bible) of the Capuchine Bible in Portuguese. The Capuchine Bible is a modern Portuguese translation. You can read more about the text here.
    Posted 2011-03-30 by, Peter von Kaehne
      Renamed MacSword to Eloquent Various bug fixes, several improvements to the module installer and fullscreen view
    Posted 2011-01-04 by, KIYUT

      We just released Alkitab Bible Study 2.6.1. An open source and free desktop Bible study software. It supports parallel view, commentaries, dictionaries, lexicons, daily devotions, with powerful search capability.

      For full details and downloads, please check the Alkitab Bible Study website.

    Posted 2010-11-08 by, KIYUT

      We just released Alkitab Bible Study 2.6. An open source and free desktop Bible study software. It supports parallel view, commentaries, dictionaries, lexicons, daily devotions, with powerful search capability.

      For full details and downloads, please check the Alkitab Bible Study website.

    Posted 2010-10-11 by, KIYUT

      We just released Alkitab Bible Study 2.6-beta1. Note: this is a beta/unstable release, so if you found any bug or regression, please do not hesitate to drop us a note, so that we can fix it before final release.

      For full details and downloads, please check the Alkitab Bible Study website.

    Posted 2010-06-28 by, KIYUT
      Alkitab Bible Study 2.5 has been released. This release improve startup speed, ui, workflow, and minor bug fixes. For full details and downloads, please check the Alkitab Bible Study website.
    Posted 2010-03-25 by, Osk
      We are happy to announce the immediate availability of the Lexham English Bible. This new English translation is provided by Logos Bible Software. One of the LEB's nicest features is the clear identification of idioms in the Bible, along with their literal meanings. For more information about the LEB and how it can enrich your Bible study, see
    Posted 2009-12-29 by, Osk
      The SWORD Project now has a presence on Twitter. Follow us to keep abreast of new releases: @TheSWORDProject.
    Posted 2009-12-21 by, Eeli Kaikkonen
      BibleTime 2.5 CE (Christmas Edition) has been released. It has some new Christmas time features in addition to other enhancements and bugfixes. Read more in the announcement.
    Posted 2009-12-14 by, Osk
    Posted 2009-11-02 by, KIYUT
      Alkitab Bible Study 2.4 has been released. This is a major release with new features and some improvement. For full details and downloads, please check the Alkitab Bible Study website.
    Posted 2009-10-27 by, Eeli Kaikkonen
      The long anticipated Windows version is finally mature enough to get a public release. More...
    Posted 2009-10-19 by, Brian Fernandes
      New features in FireBible 1.1 include support for Strong's words, Greek word morphology and the ability to manage your modules and fonts from within FireBible. More details about this release are available here or go directly to the FireBible website A few instructional videos can be found here:
    Posted 2009-10-12 by, Osk

      From the MacSword site:
      Finally, after more than a year of development, the next generation of MacSword has arrived.

      We are very happy this is happening. Many more features and news will come in the next months, stay tuned.

      Get it now from the download page. And see the tour page for screenshots and new features of this application.

    Posted 2009-09-07 by, Eeli Kaikkonen

      BibleTime news hasn't kept up with releases. 2.0 was released some time ago, and the latest one is 2.2. Since 2.0, the underlying user interface technology is Qt instead of KDE. We have been able to run BibleTime on Windows and Mac, but due to a lack of manpower, there are no well-working packages or installers available.

      Quite a few bugs have been fixed and some new features introduced, most notably a shortcut editor to make using with keyboard easier.

      See the BibleTime webpage to keep up with all minor releases which come quite regularly nowadays.

    Posted 2009-08-04 by, Brian Fernandes
      FireBible 1 has been released. New features in this release include commentary support, centralized/categorized bookmarks & history and Ubiquity support for fast verse lookup. More details about this release are available here or go directly to the FireBible website to download.
    Posted 2009-07-11 by, scribe
      Are you interested in ancient manuscripts of the NT? Do you have the skills it takes to recognize what Greek text is on a manuscript page? Are you looking for a wonderful project where you can volunteer your time for a very worthwhile cause? If YES to all of the above, please read on.

      CSNTM is an organization with a goal to photograph and make freely available images of all important NT manuscripts. Their website is here:

      CrossWire has been working on a basic manuscript indexing tool that will help volunteers help CSNTM index all of their images. If you would like to help out and don't mind running a VERY early beta of our indexing tool, please follow these instructions:

      1) Register an account on our community site at:

      2) After verifying your account and logging in, click on the [Projects] tab, join the CSNTM MSS project, and then click the project link.

      3) You will be presented with a status page showing for which documents CSNTM has images. Click the _View Info_ link to see the information CSNTM has for a particular document. Sometimes they will have a PDF already containing Scriptural coverage of their images for a document-- these only require transfer of information from the PDF to the index tool. You might want to find a document with a small number of images, to start. When you've decided on a document you are ready to index, click the _Claim Responsibility_ link.

      4) A new document will be created in your personal library for the CSNTM document you've chosen. Fill in any meta information-- much of this can be obtained from the CSNTM information about this document-- and click [Save].

      5) Hit the [Load All Images At This URL] button and be patient while the images are slurped down and thumbnails are built.

      6) Do some research on your document online, and also using your Nestle-Aland GNT appendix. Click on the first thumbnail to popup the image viewer, zoom in, and using your research and your keen Greek skills, determine and enter the Biblical coverage of this page, e.g., Rom.1.1-3.19. Be sure to hit the [Save] button for this image, and then move on to the next.

      7) If you decide NOT to complete work on your document, please DELETE the document from your personal library, which will mark the document as available, once again, for another volunteer to claim.

      The CSNTM guys are doing a wonderful work to collect these images and make them freely available. This indexing project will provide the means to manipulate these images usefully from our software and for other projects, and will provide the world with easily accessible evidence attesting to the reliability of the New Testament. I am really excited about this project and about collaborating together with you all and CSNTM on this work! May God make use of these efforts to draw people to Himself. PLEASE ENJOY YOURSELF AND SPREAD THE WORD TO WHOMEVER YOU FEEL MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN HELPING OUT.
    Posted 2009-07-02 by, Tonny Kohar
      Alkitab Bible Study 2.3 has been released. This is a major release with new features and some improvement. For full details and downloads, please check the Alkitab website.
    Posted 2009-04-19 by, Ben Morgan

      BPBible 0.4.3 has been released. This includes support for Chinese, German and Hungarian in the user interface, as well as some new features, performance improvements and bug fixes.

      A full list of changes is available here

    Posted 2009-03-25 by, Osk

      The SWORD Project is happy to announce three new works for our Swedish-speaking users. Firstly, Svenska Folkbibeln has graciously made its modern translation available.

      Additionally, we are now offering the glossary to the well-respected 1917 Swedish Bible and portions of the historically significant Karl XII:s Bibel of 1703. The latter is part of an ongoing project to digitize Karl XII:s Bibel. See its website for details and to offer your assistance.

      Grab the new modules via your favorite front end's module installer or from their download pages:

    Posted 2009-03-24 by, Osk
      The latest release of Alkitab, based on JSword 1.6, is now available. For full details and downloads, check the Alkitab website.
    Posted 2009-03-24 by, Osk
      MacSword 2 has been announced and a beta is available for download. It is not yet feature-complete in comparison to MacSword 1, and it requires Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. For the full announcement, including links to some screenshots and the download itself, visit our MacSword forum.
    Posted 2009-02-20 by, Osk

      GnomeSword has been renamed Xiphos, and the latest version is now available for download directly from the new Xiphos website.

      Release notes with a full list of improvements are available at the same, but the biggest new feature is support for Windows XP and later.

      Update: Version 3.0.1 has now been released, which fixes some minor issues in Win32 and adds transliteration support in Linux.

    Posted 2009-02-16 by, Osk

      Two new Bibles and a commentary are available for our Vietnamese-speaking users:

      • VietNVB: New Vietnamese Bible
      • VietLCCMN: L......i Ch....a Cho M......i Ng..........i
      • VietLCCMNCT: L......i Ch....a Cho M......i Ng..........i Ch....
    Posted 2009-02-09 by, Osk

      BibleTime 1.7, for KDE 4, is available for download from the BibleTime SourceForge site. You may also find it in your favorite distro soon. Some of the improvements in the latest edition include:

      • Bookshelf Manager installer has been redesigned. It's much easier to use and it doesn't block the rest of the user interface.
      • The main Bookshelf panel has been rewritten. It's possible to group the works by Category and/or Language. Rarely used works can be hidden.
      • Bookmarks have been moved to another tab. It's possible to move and copy folders.
      • Bible and Commentary windows have dropdown lists for book, chapter and verse.
      • Search dialog has an option for AND and OR searches.

      For complete details, see the BibleTime webpage.

    Posted 2009-02-03 by, Osk
      There is a new release of SwordReader, the front end for PocketPCs with ARM processors running Windows Mobile. Smartphone support is planned for the future. More details and the download itself are available at the SwordReader website.
    Posted 2009-01-25 by, Osk
      CrossWire is happy to announce the immediate availability of four new books:

      • Concord: Book of Concord (Triglot Concordia): The Symbolical Books of the Ev. Lutheran Church
      • LawGospel:Walther's Law and Gospel
      • Passion:Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ
      • Imitation:Imitation of Christ by Thomas .... Kempis

      Many thanks go to the volunteers who produce and submit content such as this.
    Posted 2009-01-25 by, Osk
      A full Sword interface that runs inside your Firefox browser, FireBible's latest release is out. Version 0.8 brings support for dictionaries, daily devotionals, and free-form books and works with JSword versions 1.0.7 to 1.6.

      Check it out at the FireBible page
    Posted 2008-12-30 by, refdoc
      A "refresh" release of LcdBible to SWORD 1.5.11 allows LcdBible users to access all of the latest modules.
    Posted 2008-12-30 by, refdoc
      On the 19th December, 2008 BpBible, a cross platform frontend, version 0.4 was released as a portable application. New features include improved searching (including proximity searches), tagging of text passages, and much more.
    Posted 2008-12-20 by, tee
      Not really new, but... GnomeSword 2.4.1 was released 05 Nov 2008. Look for a Windows port soon!
    Posted 2008-12-20 by, refdoc
      Not so totally fresh news: BibleDesktop 1.6 was released on the 29th of July, 2008 with many new interface translations, better right to left display, and numerous other improvements.
    Posted 2008-06-26 by, Scribe

      CrossWire is happy to announce the immediate availability of The SWORD Project for Windows, v1.5.11. This update includes many bug fixes, the addition of fast indexed searching, image support, and improved locale functionality.

      Get it here:

    Posted 2008-05-24 by, Osk
    Posted 2008-04-01 by, Osk

      CrossWire is happy to announce the immediate availability of an RSS news feed, compatible with all of the most popular news readers like Google Reader and the readers built into popular browsers like Firefox, IE7, and Opera. You can use thew new feeds to stay informed about the latest updates to CrossWire releases. You should find a link to the RSS feed in the left menu panel.

      (If you aren't familiar with RSS, you can read a semi-technical explanation at Wikipedia OR you would watch this explanation of RSS in Plain English over at YouTube.)

    Posted 2007-10-16 by, scribe
    Posted 2007-07-01 by, DM Smith
      BibleDesktop, the portable JSword-based Bible study tool, for Windows, Macintosh and Linux, now supports Parallel Bibles. And as an added bonus, you can visually compare 2 or more Bibles of the same language. See the JSword Change Log for more details and other improvements.

      You can download it from here.
    Posted 2007-03-31 by, DM Smith
      Happy Easter!

      BibleDesktop, the portable JSword-based Bible study tool, for Windows, Macintosh and Linux, has been improved!!! This release completes our support for all Sword modules, except Personal Commentary. See the JSword Change Log for more details.

      You can download it from here.
    Posted 2007-02-04 by, Joachim
      BibleTime 1.6.3b has been released today. It contains several important bugfixes. Binary packages for Fedora, Mandriva and SuSE are available at
    Posted 2006-12-23 by, tee
      Merry Christmas from the GnomeSword development team!

      Release 2.2 (STABLE) of GnomeSword Bible study software is available. GnomeSword builds on the support of Crosswire Bible Society's cross-platform open source tools for scriptural study, to provide a high-quality study environment for those working within the GNOME desktop.

      This stable release is the culmination of the extended 2.1.x unstable/development period.

      Check it out here
    Posted 2006-10-23 by, scribe

      We are pleased to announce that has produced a SWORD module of their NET Bible and is offering both a free version with limited notes, and a for-pay version with their complete note set.

      These modules are distributed directly from You can find instructions to add these modules to your SWORD library by visiting the SWORD NET Bible page.

      To find out more about the NET Bible, visit the NET Bible page.

    Posted 2006-10-14 by, scribe

      CrossWire Bible Society is pleased to announce the long awaited release of The SWORD Project for Windows version 1.5.9.

      This new version utilizes the latest SWORD engine to provide access to the exciting new Bible releases from CrossWire. Many bugs have also been fixed. Some of the more noticeable new features include:

      • the ability to create a search index on a text which will allow very fast and more powerful searching.
      • quick access toolbar buttons to show and hide features of a text
      • chapter and book introductions are diplayed when present in a text

      Download the latest software here:

    Posted 2006-10-12 by, DM Smith
      We are pleased to announce that Crossway Bibles, a division of Good News Publishers, has graciously given CrossWire permission to distribute the English Standard Version (ESV), © 2001.

      Quoting from

      The ESV Bible is a new, essentially literal Bible translation that combines word-for-word precision and accuracy with literary excellence, beauty, and readability. The English Standard Version (ESV) is a "word-for-word," essentially literal translation because every word of the Bible is inspired by God. Based on this principle, more than sixty of the world's leading Bible scholars pored over every word and phrase to achieve the unique accuracy, excellence, and beauty of the ESV Bible.

      The ESV publishing team includes more than 100 people. This 100-member team, which is international and represents many denominations, shares a commitment to historic evangelical orthodoxy, and to the authority and sufficiency of the inerrant Scriptures.

      To find out more about the ESV, visit

      You can add this module to your library using the book installer in your favorite SWORD software or by downloading it directly from here.

    Posted 2006-10-12 by, DM Smith

      Announcing the release of a much improved and corrected KJV SWORD module.

      This update diligently compared the text to other e-texts and differences were validated against a hardcopy of the "Old Scofield Study Bible". The encoding of the KJV was updated to the latest OSIS, v2.1.1, according to the best practices as mentioned on the Sword-devel mailing list and the OSIS 2.1.1 user's manual. All known encoding errors were fixed. You can read more about the changes here.

      You can add this module to your library using the book installer in your favorite SWORD software or by downloading it directly from here.

    Posted 2006-06-10 by, scribe
      CrossWire finally has a new Wiki: A Wiki is a community collaboration whiteboard and information repository. Come and learn about current projects with resource needs and volunteer your time: Current Events.
    Posted 2006-02-28 by, Joachim

      The German publisher Brunnen decided to release their excellent, modern translation "Hoffnung f....r Alle" (GerHfa2002) for use by the Sword community.

      The text contains headings, footnotes, ... and can be downloaded here. This module is locked. If you want to use it, you can buy an unlock key for 22 € directly from Brunnen. CrossWire is not involved in the financial transaction and receives no share of the money.

      We hope that in future, more publishers will make use of this possibility to distribute their copyrighted material for use with The SWORD Project.

      This will ultimately increase the recent material available through The SWORD Project and help users with studying God's word.
      Stay tuned for more module updates soon!

    Posted 2006-01-05 by, DM Smith
      BibleDesktop 1.0, the portable J-Sword-based Bible study tool, has been released!!! While it has been a long time since our last release, we have been active. Since the last release we have been working on small bugs and features to make BibleDesktop more fun. Share it with your friends. Join the BibleDesktop user's mailing list and tell us what you think. Over the next week or so we will be updating the documentation on the website to match the release.
    Posted 2005-10-16 by, Joachim
      A new bugfix release for the Linux Bible study program BibleTime has been released today.
      Version 1.5.2 contains fixes for most of the bugs found in 1.5.1. It also contains some minor improvements to the user interface. See the file Changelog in the source code package for more details. BibleTime 1.5.2 is available from the usual places at
      We'd be glad if binary packages could be prepared to simplify BibleTime's installation.
    Posted 2005-07-26 by, scribe
      Our apologies for the long downtime. Seems a network card in our server went bad and we had some trouble getting a qualified local engineer down to fix it up. All should be well again, by God's mercies.
    Posted 2005-06-17 by, Joachim

      BibleTime's second release candidate for the upcoming version 1.5 is now available from

      BibleTime is a Bible study application for Linux systems.

    Posted 2005-06-15 by, Joachim

      The german Bible module GerElb has been replaced by the new GerElb1905 module. Two new Bulgarian Bibles, BulVeren and BulCarigradNT, are now available for download.

      Module information and download:

    Posted 2005-06-14 by, Martin Gruner

      For all who can work with Hebrew, there is an update of the Westminster Leningrad Codex module available. Download here. This is the first version to offer the morphological separation that is present in the source text from WHI. Frontends do not yet support this feature, but may soon. Have a look at a preview of the upcoming BibleTime 1.5, which will support it. As usual, thanks go to Kirk Lowery!

      From the Changelog: Bugfix for textual errors from the conversion. Re-added setumot and paraschot, even though their presence in L is not verified, according to Kirk Lowery. Fixed transcription note values. Included morphological segmentation in preliminary markup. Added xml:lang="en" to notes. Update to newer version (wlc-4.4).

    Posted 2005-05-29 by, Joachim
      Today the BibleTime developers released the first release candidate for the upcoming version 1.5.
      Please see for more information about the release.
      BibleTime is a Bible study program for Linux systems.
    Posted 2005-05-28 by, scribe
      The long awaited SWORD engine release 1.5.8 is finally available in the usual places:
      A very special thank you to God for granting patience to everyone during the very long release cycle, and to all the wonderful sacrifices of time from everyone in contributing and testing toward this release! May God use it mightily for His Glory!

      - The SWORD Project Development Team
    Posted 2005-04-18 by, Joachim
      The New Translation Bible of the Hungarian Bible society is now available as a Sword module. The Hungarian Bible society kindly granted permissions to Crosswire to offer the module as a download.
      Module information and download.
    Posted 2005-03-25 by, DM Smith
      Happy Easter In His honor, we are releasing JSword and BibleDesktop 0.9.9 today.

      THE FINAL BETA - Almost ready for a 1.0 release and nearly free from bugs. This release represents the largest set of changes to date. Many, many new features. Usability and performance is greatly improved.

      For more information you can go to the BibleDesktop home page.

      For info on what's new you can read about it here.
    Posted 2005-01-21 by, Scribe
      Bible Software vendors from around the globe are jointly sponsoring a cooperative User Survey to glean from Bible Software Users worldwide their needs, requests, and dreams. Help us enhance our offerings to the community in a meaningful way that specifically addresses your areas of interest, and seed the discussions for features in the next generation of Bible Software. Please invest the time to take the survey here.
    Posted 2004-09-27 by, Joachim
      A new Lithuanian Bible module was released today.
      The module was prepared by Linas Spraunius. Crosswire received the permssion from the copyright holder to make the module available as a download.

      Module information and download

    Posted 2004-07-16 by, Martin Gruner
      The BHS module (Hebrew Old Testament) was removed due to licensing problems and module bugs. Instead we proudly offer the new WLC module. The source text comes from the Westminster Hebrew Institute and is even closer to Codex Leningradensis than the printed BHS editions.
      Read the description for details.

      Please say thank you to Kirk Lowery (klowery at whi dot wts dot edu) from WHI for granting us access to this excellent text, and also to Christopher V. Kimball (kimball at ntplx dot net) for allowing me to modify his outstanding conversion program.
    Posted 2004-05-25 by, Joachim
      A new module, the english Jubilee2000 Bible, was added today. An excerpt of the module information:

      This material was translated from Spanish into English by Russell M. Stendal and compared with the Old English Translation of William Tyndale (Pentateuch of 1530, Ploughboy Edition New Testament of 1534, Joshua to 2 Chronicles of 1537, and Jonah). It was also compared word for word with the Authorized Version (by King James) of 1611.

      Module information and download

    Posted 2004-05-03 by, lefticus
      The first official release of BibleStudy was completed yesterday. The release is a little rough around the edges but is quite usable. It supports viewing books in parallel, all types of sword modules, tabs, frames and multiple windows.

      A screen shot and some more info is available from: here.

      Windows users can download from: here.

      Source is available from: here.

      Gentoo users will be able to 'emerge biblestudy' shortly.

      There is a forum available for help and discussion at
    Posted 2004-01-26 by, Osk
      CrossWire is happy to announce that we now have forums online. If you have questions, suggestions, or remarks, please come by to post your messages. The address is
    Posted 2004-01-21 by, scribe
      The KJV2003 Project team has successfully completed their first pass on tagging the KJV NT with Greek from the TR. What this means to end users is that you should find ALL the New Testament with Strong's and Morphological information once you update to our latest KJV text which we've just updated with all the data.

      A Grateful THANK YOU goes out to all our volunteers who have sacrificed their time to use their outstanding skills to provide us with this invaluable resource. What a great example of Christ using His Body to share together in a common objective.

      Module available here.
    Posted 2003-12-29 by, Joachim Ansorg
      BibleTime 1.4 was released today. The most important new feature is an user interface to configure Sword and to manage modules, e.g. to install modules from the internet.
      You can read more about BibleTime on BibleTime's webpages.
    Posted 2003-12-25 by, scribe
      The SWORD Project Development team is proud to release development version 1.5.7, which includes a much smaller engine package due to the split of the Windows application source from the engine repository. Many filters have also been updated, bugs fixed, and OSIS import tool enhanced. Source package can be found here.

      Merry CHRISTmas!!!

      Windows users: please bear in mind, this is a DEVELOPMENT release, not a new release of The SWORD Project for Windows. (The next version of The SWORD Project for Windows will be version 1.5.8 and will be done when it's done.)
    Posted 2003-12-24 by, andyp
      GnomeSword is a Bible study tool for the GNOME desktop that uses libraries and modules provided by the SWORD project. It lets you read and search through multiple Bible texts. Features include the ability to add formatted notes to verses, bookmark passages, and reference commentary and lexicon modules.

      This is the first stable release of the GNOME2 version, supporting SWORD 1.5.6 and 1.5.7. It represents a major rewrite and features a full port to GTK2, with a new GUI which aims towards HIG compliance. It uses more GNOME functionality (including gnome-print and gnome-spell), and has support for new SWORD features such as preverse headings. A manual is now included, in both the English and French languages.

      There have been huge usability improvements and numerous other enhancements since the previous GNOME 1.x version. We encourage you to take a look.
    Posted 2003-11-11 by, Scribe


      With the year winding to a close, we're looking for able volunteers to work on the KJV2003 Greek Tagging Project!

      Our collaborative tagging utility is a simple tool that makes it easy for an able volunteer to place Greek markup within a text, so if you have the Greek skills, we need you! A little project background follows.

      Currently, there is no free from restricted use, English Bible NT sync'd to the original Greek. For our first new text project, we're starting a KJV / Textus Receptus parallel text which will be placed into the public domain upon completion. There are many Bible projects that will be able to take advantage of this work, and we will be able to do some really neat stuff in our project once this data is available to us.

      If you have at least a basic Koine Greek skill level and might have some time to help, please see our project page and volunteer for a chapter, or a book, or two!

      Project KJV2003
    Posted 2003-09-26 by, Joachim
      The GerLutherpredigten module was updated today to work better with the Windows software of Sword.
      Get the module here: GerLutherpredigten.
    Posted 2003-08-28 by, Martin Gruner
      Version 1.3 of BibleTime is finally available. BibleTime 1.3 contains a lot of new features, usability improvements and bug fixes. Upgrading to version 1.3 is strongly recommended for all our users. You can get the Software here: Download. Binary packages will be released in the next few days.
      Get the bibletime and the bibletime-i18n packages for full functionality.

      Major changes are:

      • Redesign of the main index; bookmarks are seperated into an own folder, modules are sorted by type and language; better menu structure
      • Better bookmark file format, bookmarks are saved now in XML. Old bookmarks can still be imported.
      • Improved Drag&Drop to work with multiple items, e.g. twenty search result items
      • Redesign of the search dialog; it's easier to use now and better to navigate
      • Better support for GenBooks (Generic Books)
      • Improved support for writing commentaries. There's a plain text editor and a WYSIWYG editor now.
      • Many, many bugs and memory leaks fixed
      • Updates to all translations, including new languages

      We're sorry for the long time it took to prepare the 1.3 release! We hope to improve release cycles with the next releases.

    Posted 2003-08-17 by, Scribe
    Posted 2003-08-06 by, Joachim Ansorg
      The module containing Augustine's confessions in German was updated to work better with our software. The module was also renamed from Augustinus to GerAugustinus.
      Read more about the module here.
    Posted 2003-06-19 by, Joachim Ansorg
      Today the German Elberfelder 1871 module was updated. The update includes fixes to display correctly with the Windows software, compression and smaller fixes to embedded crossreferences in the text.
      Get the module here.
    Posted 2003-05-08 by, Osk
    Posted 2003-05-07 by, Osk
    Posted 2003-03-04 by, Osk
    Posted 2003-02-11 by, Osk
    Posted 2003-01-22 by, Joachim Ansorg
      The new book, which is available now, is a collection of about 60 sermons held by Martin Luther. You can get the module here: Module information.
      If you have some minutes send an eMail to and thank him for the time he spent preparing the stuff and for giving the Sword project the permissions to use the materials.
    Posted 2003-01-09 by, jhughes
      Today we made available the following modules for download:
      • GerElb - Went out of copyright 01/01/2003.
      • FinPR92 - Thank you to Tero Favorin (tero at favorin dot com) for packaging the translation for SWORD. And thank you to Leena Rantanen and Ulla Saarinen (kirkkohallitus at from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland Church Council for granting us permission to distribute it. As usual please take the time to thank these people for their support.
      For more copyright information about these modules and all the rest of the SWORD modules, please visit our Copyright Website. It is updated frequently.
    Posted 2003-01-07 by, Christian Renz
    Posted 2002-12-09 by, Joachim Ansorg
      Perhaps you noticed that is down since almost one week.
      We've decided to switch now officially to the new BibleTime web address Pleas visit it instead of the old
      As soon as we get working again it will redirect you to the new address.
    Posted 2002-11-27 by, Scribe


      With the recent release of 1.5.5, we've made some big steps in regard to functionality that we can provide.

      Functionality, in general, is limited by the quality of texts that we can offer to our users.

      We've completed a new tool to allow volunteers to 'markup' texts more richly, so that we might increase the quality of information we can provide to students of the Bible.

      Currently, there is no free from restricted use, English Bible NT sync'd to the original Greek. For our first new text project, we're starting a KJV / Textus Receptus parallel text which will be placed into the public domain upon completion. There are many Bible projects that will be able to take advantage of this work, and we will be able to do some really neat stuff in our project once this data is available to us.

      If you have at least a basic Koine Greek skill level and might have some time to help, please see our project page and volunteer for a chapter, or a book, or two!

      Project KJV2003
    Posted 2002-11-24 by, Joachim Ansorg
      The German Bibles GerLut1545, the German book "Augustinus" and the German user-made commentary "MAK" were updated.
      In the modules GerLut1545 and Augustinus the encoding was changed to Unicode, so they will work with every Sword software. The MAK commentary was updated with many new comments (1MB now), the encoding was changed to Unicode and minor formatting changes had been made.
    Posted 2002-11-19 by, Christian Renz
      We have a new set of dictionary modules available, based on the Chinese/English CEDICT dictionary. Download them using the links at the bottom of this page.
    Posted 2002-11-02 by, Terry
      GnomeSWORD-0.7.6 for SWORD-1.5.5 just released on SourceForge
    Posted 2002-10-30 by, Joachim Ansorg
      The new BibleTime 1.2.2 is available now! It's a bugfix release, the most important fix is that BibleTime now works with the newest Linux distributions like SuSE 8.1, RedHat 8.0 or Mandrake 9.0.
      See for more information.
    Posted 2002-10-11 by, Joachim Ansorg
      A new German Sword module is now available!
      There's now a General Book Module of Augustinus' confessions (German: Augustinus' Bekenntnisse). I hope that this module is useful for many Sword users! Please send corrections and suggestions to Joachim Ansorg <>
      Download the module on this page!
    Posted 2002-10-03 by, jhughes
      Today Jay P. Green, Jr., Vice President at Sovereign Grace Publishers, Inc. has granted CrossWire permission to freely distribute the LITV and the MKJV translations for non-commercial use. In my opinion the LITV is one of the best translations. Download the LITV or the MKJV. If you would like, take a moment and send a short e-mail thanking Mr. Green, Jr. for his support: jgreenxx at Enjoy!
    Posted 2002-09-28 by, Osk
      Hot on the heels of the new 1.5.4 release, we have some updated versions of a few of your favorites, including:
    Posted 2002-09-28 by, Scribe
      The CrossWire Bible Society and The SWORD Project Development Team are excited to announce the immediate availability of the long awaited version 1.5.4.

      New in this release:

      • User Interface Localization
      • Customizable Color/Font Scheme Selection
      • Better Internationalization/Unicode Support
      • Preliminary Printing Support
      • Better Verse List Manipulation
      • Mouse-over Hints for:
        • Strong's Numbers
        • Quick Verse Lookups
        • Dictionary/Word Lookups

      Get it here!
    Posted 2002-09-02 by, Joachim Ansorg
      Since some weeks we have now RPM packages for the common Linux distribution RedHat 7.3 available! We hope to make the installation of BibleTime more easy with these packages!
      Downloads the main package (bibletime) and the documentation package (bibletime-doc) ! Please click on the links and don't choose "Save as ...".
      If something doesn't work please send an eMail to! Many, many thanks to our kind team members who help us developing BibleTime!
    Posted 2002-08-26 by, Christian Renz

      qpsword is a Sword client for handheld computers. It runs on the (Linux-based) Compaq iPaq and Sharp Zaurus and supports the full range of Sword modules (including Unicode-based modules). Now you can improve your Thai or study the works of Josephus during your morning train rides...

      More information and screenshots available at

    Posted 2002-06-09 by, Joachim Ansorg
      BibleTime 1.2.1 was released today. 1.2.1 is a bugfix version of the 1.2 branch.
      Bookmarks are now saved again (ouch!) and Copy->Chapter copies plain text now.
    Posted 2002-06-09 by, Joachim Ansorg
      The German module "GerLut1545" was updated another time.
      The previous version had some problems with Psalms greater than 100. I also changed the words HErr* to HERR*, JEsus* to Jesus* and GOtt* to Gott*. It's now more easy to read.
      Get the module HERE!
    Posted 2002-06-07 by, Osk
    Posted 2002-05-29 by, Joachim Ansorg
      The module "GerLut1545" was updated using the new text available from
      I hope it's useful for you! If you have problems with this module please write to
      The module is available here.
    Posted 2002-05-27 by, jhughes
      Tony Whittaker, Director at SOON Educational Publishers has granted CrossWire Bible Society the right to distribute The Bible in Worldwide English for non-profit use. Feel free to download and use this translation. Also take a second and e-mail Tony (admin at and thank him for supporting The SWORD Project.
    Posted 2002-05-25 by, Joachim Ansorg
      Today a new German Bible was added: The German Elberfelder translation of the year 1871. The module is NOT encrypted, so it's readable for Germans :) The text includes foonotes and ThML scripture references.
      Download the Bible here. The windows download is not yet working properly, but it will in some time (hopefully :)
      If problems occur with the text please eMail to jansorg at!
    Posted 2002-05-13 by, Martin Gruner
      The BibleTime Module Gallery can give you a good impression of how the Unicode-based sword modules should look like.
      Be sure to check it out. Thanks to Qt 3 and KDE 3.
    Posted 2002-05-11 by, Joachim Ansorg
      BibleTime 1.2 is out now! Basically it's a port of 1.1 to KDE 3, but by doing this port unicode support was improved very much. For example hebrew is now displayed perfect!
      See for more information!
    Posted 2002-04-13 by, Joachim Ansorg
      We, the team of BibleTime, are glad to announce the new BibleTime 1.1 today. We released the long awaited version 1.1 of BibleTime, the Bible study application for KDE 2.2. This new version contains many bugfixes, improvements and new features. One of the most important things are:
      • Support for general books (GBS), now you can read book like Josephus in BibleTime.
      • Support for profiles, which define the appearance of the working place
      • Support for cross references in the text
      • Improved Unicode support, although not yet perfect.
      • Speed improvements. For example printing is almost twice as fast.
      • Improved display windows. Independent display settings for each window (footnotes, strongs ...)
      • Improved commentary editor, although it's not really usable.
      • Improved printing styles, they're now XML based.
      • Better optionsdialog. The dialog has now a better structure to make navigation more easy. More help was also added there.
      • Better helpfiles and documentation. The bibletime-doc package contains now the improved documentation. Don't forget to install it.
      • Many other small improvements and bugfixes we don't remember :)
      Binary packages for Mandrake 8.2 and SuSE 7.3 are available. We hope that more packages will be added later. Download the packages on

      The next planned version is BibleTime 1.2. Version 1.2, which will use KDE 3 supports Unicode in a much better way. For example RightToLeft, line breaks with Chinese and printing Unicode text will work pretty well with the upcoming 1.2. But please note that these improvements were made in KDE and Qt. 1.2 will have the same features as 1.1.

      I want to thank all the members of the bt-devel mailinglist, especially Fred, Brook and Martin for their great help! Fred wrote the handbook and the other documentation, Brook did the packaging and Martin managed the 1.1 release.
    Posted 2002-04-10 by, Osk
      The SWORD Project API version 1.5.3 has been released for use by software developers. Important new features include free-form book support, compressed lexicons & dictionaries, faster searches, and script transliteration. Download it here.
    Posted 2002-04-08 by, Terry
      We just released GnomeSWORD-0.7.1

      This release requires SWORD-1.5.3
      New Features:
      Detachable Shortcut bar
      Detachable Interlinear page
      Gen Book Support
      German Translation
      And More
    Posted 2002-04-05 by, jhughes
      For all our users that have their own websites we would like your support. Consider putting a link on your website to The SWORD Project. You can find some images to use at:

      If you need any help using these buttons or linking to The SWORD Project website just e-mail me. Thanks!
    Posted 2002-04-05 by, Scribe
      My apologies to all who are waiting on CDs that have been ordered. We ran out of CDs a couple months back and hoped to cut a new batch with our latest version of the software. Well, it's 2 months later and we finally have a new burn date for the CDs: 9-Apr-2002 Look for the new ISO CD image on our ftp site at: if you would like to burn your own CDs. All orders will be fulfilled shortly after this date. Thank you for your patience. And again, please accept our apologies for the delay.
    Posted 2002-03-12 by, jhughes
      I am happy to announce that I have done some major updating to the SWORD Copyright Website. Updates include: all copyright information is dynamically created (so when we get new modules they appear on the copyright site as well), sorted by lock status (easy to find all modules that are locked). Enjoy! The SWORD Copyright Website
    Posted 2002-01-31 by, Scribe
      We're in the processes of upgrading our servers and things will be unstable for the next 24 hours (till Sunday).
    Posted 2002-01-15 by, Osk
      We have a new English translation submitted by user Joshua Holman, two new Italian translations, a Simplified Chinese translation submitted by user Steve Tang, and an updated edition of an old Russian Pentateuch.
    Posted 2001-12-17 by, Osk
    Posted 2001-12-17 by, Osk
    Posted 2001-12-14 by, Terry
      There are new DEBs thanks to Daniel Glassey and new RPMs thanks to Stuart Gathman
    Posted 2001-11-30 by, Osk
      We have updated a number of our English commentaries with numerous corrections, improvements to layout & appearance, and compression so they take up less of your hard drive space. We also released a Nederlandse Statenvertaling Bibel that is unlocked.
    Posted 2001-11-27 by, Osk
      We have another new module, thanks to the folks at Mechon Mamre. This is the Aleppo Codex, without vowel points or punctuation.
    Posted 2001-11-26 by, Osk
      We're happy to announce the immediate public availability of four new Bibles. Check them out:
    Posted 2001-11-20 by, Joachim Ansorg
      Today the BibleTime team released BibleTime 1.0.2.
      Version 1.0.2 is a bugfix release: bad behaviour with KDE 2.2 and automake 2.5 is fixed now. Some other small bugs are fixed, too. To get BibleTime 1.0.2 browse to and choose "Download" in the left panel.
    Posted 2001-11-19 by, Osk
      In case you hadn't noticed, The SWORD Project also displays a new site design. Many thanks are in order for all those who have contributed their time and effort to the great new look and all the new functionality. So a big thank you to all of you! We will be bringing more tools online in the near future, like message boards and live help. Keep checking here for updates and news about Sword.
    Posted 2001-11-19 by, Osk
      Our new site design for the CrossWire Bible Society is now live! Check our projects and other statements to see how you can help or how we can help you.
    Posted 2001-11-15 by, tbiggs
      GnomeSword-0.5.2c fixes two build errors and fixes nothing else
    Posted 2001-11-10 by, Joachim
      BibleTime 1.0.2 is delayed again. I think we won't include the spanish translation. BibleTime 1.1 will also need some more time.
    Posted 2001-11-09 by, Scribe
      We have a dynamic news server up!!! Wooo hooo! As of today (Friday, November 9, 2001) We have a basic news server in place so all admins can add new news articles.