CrossWire Bible Society

The CrossWire Bible Society is an organization with the purpose to sponsor and provide a place for engineers and others to come and collaborate on free, open-source projects aimed at serving the Christian Church and offering research resources for seekers. We are also a resource pool to other Bible societies and Christian organizations that can't afford-- or don't feel it's their place-- to maintain a quality programming staff in house. We provide them with a number of tools that assist them with reaching their domain with Christ. Read more...

The SWORD Project

The heart of most projects here at CrossWire use a common technology called The SWORD Project.

Read more about The SWORD Project here...

Bible Study Software

We have an abundance of applications available to support you in your Bible studies on many different platforms. Several of these applications are cross platform. All applications in this section use the same library, often stored in the same place on your computer. You can therefore try several and see which one you end up liking best:

Look at the whole range of applications or choose the icon for your platform:

Linux software Windows software MacOS software Handhelds and Mobile Phones Web based software
Linux Windows MacOS Mobile Web-based

Other Projects by CrossWire Bible Society

Many other small and large projects have kept us busy over the last few years. If you or your organisation has a special need which fits into our remit, please contact us! If you want to know more about work we have done alone or in collaboration with others read on...

We are just a stepping stone...

There is a growing list of Open Source software projects which, while not being Bible study software in the narrower sense, rely on in part or even centrally on our SWORD project and our e-library. We are grateful to see that our work is of use.