Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Instructions:

  • SWORD API Installation
  • The SWORD Project for Windows Installation
  • SWORD Module Installation
  • SWORD API Installation Instructions

    Installing from Pre-compiled Packages

    • The first place to check is here: SWORD API software, to see if we have pre-compiled packages for your Linux distro. If we do, this is the easiest way to install the SWORD API. Simply download the package file and install it using your ditro's packaging system.

    Installing from Source

    1. Download the latest SWORD API source code.
    2. Save the source code tarball in a directory you will remember, i.e. your $HOME directory.
    3. Untar and Unzip the file by issuing the following command:

        tar xzfv sword-*.tar.gz

    4. A directory named sword-<version> will be created. Change into this directory.
    5. Read the README and INSTALL files in the top directory for complete build and installation information.
    6. For a quick start:

        vi Makefile.cfg # make sure all user defined options are correct.
        make install
        make install_config