[xiphos-devel] getting a new release out

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sat Apr 25 13:49:42 MST 2020

It's been over 2 years since 4.1.0. Obviously, that's way too long. This
is my fault, of course.

In this time, we've gotten a new build system, and there's been a slew
of bug fixes. Nothing new and huge, architecturally speaking, the way
that (say) av11n kicked us up to v4, for example. So what needs to go
out is 4.1.1. I have thoughts about bigger things that need to be done
afterward (notably, the editor; and Abbrev needs a serious re-work) that
might lead to enough change to justify calling it 4.2.

>From today's state of things, what needs to be done before we can put
out 4.1.1?

- For any Xiphos release prior to the next Sword release, ours needs to
include the intro material revert .diff.
- There may be some peculiar machinations around Windows build due to
that diff, the current state of other mingw packages (BibleSync needs to
be built with Xiphos right now), and maybe Greg knows of other things.
- I need to understand how the version stamp thing happens, now that
Caleb's source_version.txt is in play. We simply tag just prior to doing
github release?

Anything else? Any reason we couldn't let 4.1.1 out the door before
week's end?
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