[xiphos-devel] windows build

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Fri Apr 24 03:55:07 MST 2020

On 4/24/20 3:09 AM, Dominique Corbex wrote:
> So just install toolbox:
OK, in my ignorance, I thought toolbox was a command within docker. Fine
so far.

Having installed toolbox, it still doesn't love me even a little bit. I
am (and I am sure others are) open to any instruction needed here. But
it seems installing toolbox is not all that's needed.

./xc-xiphos-win.sh -s=../xiphos -b=../biblesync -win64
Build for Windows 32-bit    = No
Build for Windows 64-bit    = Yes
Xiphos Source directory     = ../xiphos
Biblesync Source directory  = ../biblesync
** Creating toolbox:
Created container: xiphos-win
Enter with: toolbox enter --container xiphos-win
** Upgrading packages in the toolbox:
toolbox: failed to start container xiphos-win

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