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Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 13:11:37 MST 2005

I tried to do the whole Windows-build idea with MinGW and things have not 
been going well. So far the best I can get is a version of gcc that always 
complains that I do not have any files supplied on the command line, even 
when I do have them supplied or am just asking it for a version number. My 
successes with any type of wxWidgets-related build in VC6.0 is slightly 
greater, but I can never build anything other than the supplied demos 
because things die with a linker complaint. I now have some ideas and leads 
on what to work out with that, but no guarantees yet.

As to the problem with using wxMozilla verse wxHTML - wxHTML has no support 
for CSS of any level and didn't seem to do colors well, either. I saw some 
talk on the wx lists about moving to wxMozilla to replace wxHTML, but I 
don't know whether anything is coming of that. It's a shame that the 
download is that huge for Windows, as it's only a tiny fraction of that to 
download the sources (500K). Primarily I was looking for using the wxMozilla 
widget because it is significantly faster than wxHTML (wxMozilla loaded at 
test HTML page of 15 megs in about 3-5 seconds on a fast machine while 
wxHTML took around 12 minutes to open the same file) and because it has 
support for CSS, which, in my opinion, is necessary if any move is to be 
made towards using external CSS or even some form of internal CSS for 
display formatting with either ThML or OSIS (there was a post somewhere on 
the list a few weeks back concerning external CSS and OSIS in Sword).

I think I will return to my attempts to build wxSword under either MinGW or 
Visual C++ after I complete one of the coding tasks I have tackled in 
wxSword. What's your opinion on the wxHTML/wxMozilla comparison?


On 7/8/05, Lynn Allan <l_d_allan at adelphia.net> wrote:
> Greg,
>  Ok, I'm subscribed to the wxSword list.
>  Two questions:
> * Would it be possible to build an executable for Windows so we could 
> actually see what it looks like and what it does? My understanding is that 
> you are a Linux developer.
>  * Is it essential to use wxMozilla rather than the widgets that wxWidgets 
> supplies? wxMozilla is a 25 meg download, and its use complicates trying to 
> build the project.
>  I've used wxWidgets in a separate project for the "Audacity CleanSpeech" 
> sermon editor. wxWidgets is big and complicated by itself, and not trivial 
> to build. I write this in ignorance of what you are trying to do, but I can 
> hardly comprehend that wxMozilla is necessary.
>  Thanks for what you are doing to develop wxSword
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> What's going on with the error in al_num I can answer quickly. It should, 
> though, be moved to a board on SF instead. 
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