[wxsword-devel] Sorry for the delay

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Sun Jul 31 11:43:13 MST 2005

I tried to email this list last week - but alas, the server was down 
according to Troy.

I have created a tarball of the latest version of wxSword on SourceForge. I 
was trying for the past two weeks to get a build going under Windows, 
however I am not, alas, a Windows programmer. I tried taking the route of 
MinGW and was nearly successful. I plan to return to that soon.

With the latest CVS version of wxMozilla I was able to achieve proper 
display of UTF-8 non-Latin characters (Hebrew appears to be displaying 
backwards, but I'm not a Hebrew expert, so I'm not certain of that) and 
there is support for all of the types of books that Sword supports. There 
are still no bells and whistles because I was busy slaving away on trying to 
get the Windows build. One problem is that I have never been successful with 
building a wxWidgets program under my version of VC++ 6.0, which is an 
archaic version, and I believe that wxWidgets properly requires a 
significantly newer version of the compiler. However, the examples that come 
with wxWidgets will build, so I must just be missing something.

I will get back to you if I am able to complete a Windows build. For now I 
was just dropping back into Linux so that I could test the new CVS changes 
the wxMozilla guys made to their package so that I could get UTF-8 to 
properly display.

Greg Hellings
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