[tyndale-devel] Initial Look in "Windows Surface RT - Win8"

John Hutton john.f.hutton at gmail.com
Fri Nov 23 16:58:31 MST 2012

Hi All -

Just trying to get back to doing some work on the program and thought I
would try to do a early look at how STEPs performs on a Win8 RT Tablet.

I’m afraid I could not do much checking.

The initial links to the documentation appear to be missing (gave me

Under the windows8 RT OS, none of the gui interactions work correctly.
When I click on a translation, instead of a pulldown I get a text entry
field.  When I click on the “view” or “tools”, it only pops up the menu
while I’m touching the button, but will not pop it up so I can make a
selection.  Bible verse selection is also a “type” only field (although it
seems to have a selectable popup).

This does seem to work with a mouse on the tablet, so it may be simply some
high level changes that are needed to work with the “touch” interface.

I also tried this on my Windows Phone 7.5 (where it would be very useful to
me as well), with limited success.  Even the single column layout doesn’t
seem to fit well on the screen (popups show up off screen).

Two other general comments:

In two screen mode, could each side keep track of the type of info it is
looking at?  The most common way I would use the tool would be to have a
bible translation on the left and a commentary on the right.  I found that
both columns assume the “last” selection, so if I want to change bibles and
commentaries after each other it takes more clicks.  I could, however, see
use models for the current method, so this many only be a personal style

Secondly, I would love to be able to have the second column be an editor
where I could record things like sermon notes.  Is there anything like that
in the plan?



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