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Great solution, Chris

David IB

At 19:11 21/11/2012, Chris Burrell wrote:

>Hi Gareth.
>in the light of this one.  I suggest we point 
>each original word on the same tab.  like that 
>the 'related words' tab can reflect the 
>currently selected word on the first tab.
>I suggest we go for a notice at the top that 
>says 'this word is translated from several original words.'
>then give a list of hyperlinks with each word 
>and its simple gloss. each hyperlink refreshes 
>the popup as it would if you had selected a different word from the passage
>what do you think?
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>Next to the Original Word tab make a tab
>"Related Words"
>Display them in the form of a list with 
>translit, original & gloss, like on the dropdowns: eg:
>agathopoiia (ἀγαθοποιΐα): doing good
>agathos (ἀγαθός): one who does good
>afilagathos (ἀφιλάγαθος): not loving good
>When someone clicks on one of them, put the full 
>entry for that word under the list on that same Related Words tab.
>(don't put it on the "Original Word" tab, 
>because that tab still relates to the words underlined on the Bible text.)
>So the Related Words tab would become:
>agathopoiia (ἀγαθοποιΐα): doing good
>agathos (ἀγαθός): one who does good
>afilagathos (ἀφιλάγαθος): not loving good
>AGATHOS (ἀγαθός): one who does good
>Translated in the Bible as:
>LSJ Definition (for Strong's G0018):
>1. good , Lat. bonus:
>2. of persons,
>3. in early times, good, gentle, noble , in 
>reference to birth, opp. to κακοί, 
>πατρὸς δ' εἴμ' ἀγαθοῖο, 
>θεὰ δέ με γείνατο μήτηρ 8th/7th BCE; ἀγαθοὶ καὶ
>Fix Versions: Coming later
>Project: <https://stepweb.atlassian.net/browse/TYNSTEP>STEP
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