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David Instone-Brewer Technical at Tyndale.cam.ac.uk
Tue Nov 20 07:47:41 MST 2012

(I don't know if you've already got this - I found it unsent in my Out box)

Thanks David.

Yes, we will be using lots of modules.

On your link I found an example:

<verse eID='Exod.22.2-Exod.22.4'/>

So I searched a bunch of modules (about 130)  for RegEx   [0-9]-[A-Z]
I found verse spans in lots of dictionaries & commentaries
and in Bibles with notes & XRefs (eg ESV, LEB, Luther, NET, MHC)
But I didn't find any using verse spans like that described.

Looks like something we should watch out for, but it won't occur often.

David IB

At 13:28 20/11/2012, David F. Haslam wrote:
>Hi David,
>The warning was mainly geared to modules other than ChiUn & ChiUns.
>I just thought you might have more stuff in the pipeline for Tyndale STEP,
>so I didn't wish to leave you imagining that 
>there were no pitfalls in using the IMP format method.
>When I referred to a verse range, this is best illustrated in USFM format.
>The extreme case I mentioned need not concern 
>you, but in Paratext the line began as follows:
>\v 12-83 blah blah .....
>When converted from USFM to OSIS this sort of 
>thing becomes much more complicated.
>I already described the principles of linked 
>verse ranges in this section of a wiki talk page:
>Albeit the reason for doing so was to correct a 
>different misapprehension arising in another translation conversion project.
>Paratext verse range tagging can be a nightmare! 
>We've often seen things like this:
>\v 2-6a followed by the text for verse 2 through the first half of verse 6
>\v 6b-11 followed by the text for the second half of verse 6 through verse 11
>Converting such examples from USFM to OSIS is 
>not so easy - and some workarounds were usually required until now.
>Hopefully, Chris Little's new python script will 
>cover such issues properly - once it's been fully tested.
>These issues are unrelated to 
>Versification. Default v11n for SWORD modules is the KJV.
>Your reference to Num.17 was therefore not 
>relevant - this chapter has 13 verses in both the KJV and the ChiUns Bibles.
>Admittedly the WLC module (Hebrew) has 28 verses 
>in Num.17 - but none of these are a linked verse 
>range in the sense being discussed.
>cf.  The WLC module is configured with Versification=Leningrad
>Best regards,
>On 2012-11-20 11:54, David Instone-Brewer wrote:
>>Thanks for the warning!
>>I guess the verse range is in Num.17 where 
>>there is a severe mismatch between the KJV and Hebrew numbering.
>>But presumably you don't mean that alternate 
>>versification makes it fall over
>>Could you give me an example of the coding for 
>>a verse range so I know what to look out for?
>>David IB
>>At 10:36 20/11/2012, David F. Haslam wrote:
>>>On 2012-11-19 14:47, David Instone-Brewer wrote:
>>>>This is GREAT. I was concerned about mod2osis so this is really helpful.
>>>>David IB
>>>Hi David,
>>>Caveat:  Beware of this problem:
>>>This would affect modules that have linked verse ranges.
>>>Rebuilding using imp2vs would thus lead to 
>>>some duplicated verses in the module.
>>>One would require a workaround processing step to avoid this outcome.
>>>For ChiUn and ChiUns, probably not a problem, as they follow the KJV v11n.
>>>Only three KJV verses are not tagged in these 
>>>2 modules. See attached output from emptyvss.
>>>Most more modern translations frequently have 
>>>several or even many Biblical passages tagged to a verse range.
>>>cf. The longest example I've come across to 
>>>date was one in which verses 12-83 were given 
>>>one tag for a passage somewhere in Numbers. :'(
>>David IB
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