[tyndale-devel] Trying out the desktop application

David Instone-Brewer davidinstonebrewer at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 16:33:59 MST 2012

I don't think I deleted/renamed the JSword directory - I'll try again
Yes, the =====  was a gap.
I grabbed the text from the command window. What's the best way of 
piping this output to a text file?

David IB

At 19:55 20/11/2012, Chris Burrell wrote:
>Hi David
>    * Can you confirm that you delete both your SWORD directory AND 
> your JSword directory.
>    * Also, can you give me screenshots of the contents of each 
> directories (Sword and JSword). The file attached has a bunch of 
> "=====" in them. Can you give me the actual output? I'm not sure if 
> you've trimmed stuff out, or just added whitespace...
>Sadly, the warnings about the Strong Numbers are correct. I'm not 
>sure what to do about that yet. The initial stack trace is alright 
>too. I'm fixing that but that didn't affect you.
> From the logs I have so far from you, all I can tell is that it 
> doesn't seem to have progressed on from the KJV and I'm not 
> absolutely certain it finished the KJV... Hmmm...
>On 20 November 2012 12:31, David Instone-Brewer 
><<mailto:Technical at tyndale.cam.ac.uk>Technical at tyndale.cam.ac.uk> wrote:
>BTW, the default browser did open OK at 
>with the message:
>Welcome to STEP!
>This is the first time you have run the STEP software. Please be 
>patient while it installs.
>Please note these actions do NOT require any access to the Internet.
>12:06:50 Starting installation...
>12:06:51 Installing the KJV from the STEP application folder.
>12:06:52 Install progress of KJV: 100%
>12:06:52 The KJV has been installed.
>12:06:52 Making the KJV searchable
>12:06:52 Installing the ESV from the STEP application 
>The number of dots is still growing 20 mins after the last command 
>line error was put up.
>David IB
>At 23:00 19/11/2012, Chris Burrell wrote:
>>I've uploaded a new version of the desktop application, which now 
>>includes an installer/setup page. Hopefully this work. Would be 
>>keen to get feedback.
>>The one requirement at the moment is that you already have Java 
>>installed and on the PATH environment variable.
>>The link is: 
>>Please can you try it and let me know. The first time you run it, 
>>it should take you to a configuration page to install various modules...
>Tried it on my programming laptop at work, which already has Java on 
>the path, running Windows 7
>Renamed the Sword folder at C:\Users\David IB\AppData\Roaming
>Zipped folder opened, double-clicked on runSTEP.bat, then on "Extact all"
>- asked if I wanted to overwrite stuff in a STEP folder which 
>already existed (from a previous installation)
>(we probably want to silence that, or give the installation folders 
>unique names)
>Deleted that folder and started again.
>Double-clicked on runSTEP.bat, clicked on Run at "publisher not verified"
>Caught start and end of Command window in a text file (attached)
>Command window stayed open with the lucene error, unchanging (ie the 
>time of the last error remained the same, so it wasn't scrolling.
>I'll leave it open to see if anything happens.
>Would you like me to ^c out and try anything?
>David IB
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