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David Instone-Brewer davidinstonebrewer at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 11:27:55 MST 2012

I think  that if some entries have a "/" we need something stronger 
than a comma

At 18:19 17/11/2012, Chris Burrell wrote:
>Sure. I was suggesting a ',' between separate entries but I can make 
>it a '|' if you prefer.
>So it would read [to do/make, quickly]. What do you think?
>On 17 November 2012 16:29, David Instone-Brewer 
><<mailto:davidinstonebrewer at gmail.com>davidinstonebrewer at gmail.com> wrote:
>Sounds good.
>Ah, one thought:
>the glosses are often more than one word, eg "to parent" is 
>different from the noun "a parent"
>Can we perhaps use an upright line to separate double-tags.
>I'm very aware that the glosses are still in a bad state, even in 
>the NT which was supposedly 'finished'.
>I had hoped to hear back from Laura who did these glosses, but 
>somehow the OT data never got to me.
>I think I'll have to give up on that and use my own.
>I just checked on the size of the problem. It isn't huge, though the 
>OT  is much more difficult,
>so it is worth working out how to do things in the NT to get them 
>right in the OT.
>In the NT we have 14169 double-tags, but 14116 of these have G3588 
>as the first tag (ie "the" which we are ignoring)
>When you exclude 3588 we are left with 53 double-tags (a few more 
>than 14169-14116 cos of treble-tags)
>These occur in 39 verses in the NT.
>Mark 2.18-26 is a good passage: v.18x1, 19x3, 21x1, 22x1, 23x1, 26x2
>So Mark 2.19 is a good example:
>And Jesus said unto them, Can the children of the bridechamber fast, 
>while the bridegroom is with them? As long as they have the 
>bridegroom with them, they can not fast.
>Another verse with 3 examples is Mk.9.42
>And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in 
>me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his 
>neck, and he were cast into the sea.
>This example is particularly good cos it has:
>whosoever - an example of two tiny words which don't translate well 
>separately - ie ean "if" and hos "which"
>better - two words which are separated in the Greek, kalos "good" 
>and mallon "more"
>millstone - the Greek is made of two words like the English used to 
>be, milikos "mill" and lithos "stone".
>It would be great if the display could visually depict these links, eg:
>kalon  | estin |   autw  |  mallon   | ei  |  perikeitai |  lithos | mulikos
>better | it is | for him |  [better] |that | were hanged |     millstone
>it is   |      better      |  for him  |  that |    a millstone   | 
>were hanged
>estin   |  kalon | mallon  |    autw   |   ei  | lithos | mulikos 
>|  perikeitai
>However, I have no idea how you would do this!
>as  to the glosses, what about:
>it is   |      better      |  for him   |  that |    a 
>millstone    | were hanged
>estin   |  kalon | mallon  |    autw    |   ei  | lithos | 
>mulikos  |  perikeitai
>to be   |  good  |  more   |he/her/-self|   if  |  stone | 
>millstone| to surround
>Note that I've changed "I am" to "to be".
>I've also changed "he/himself/here" [typo!]  to "he/her/-self"
>(I'm going to have to go through these glosses!)
>So, wrt your original question, what about: stone | millstone
>This will allow for things like to do/make |  quickly
>(though I have no idea if anything like this will occur.
>I don't know if you can do anything with the additional challenge of 
>displaying these double-tags clearly.
>David IB
>At 14:20 17/11/2012, Chris Burrell wrote:
>>Hi David
>>Could we standardise the typography when we have several options 
>>for our "one-word" lexicon entries. Instead of having it with both 
>>commas and slashes. Let's go for slashes with no spaces.
>>This will allow us to do [word1, word2] for double tagged words.
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