[tyndale-devel] Strongs Tagging for ESV

David Instone-Brewer davidinstonebrewer at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 16:54:00 MST 2011

Dear Rob

Things took longer than I thought.
I've attached something which I think is usable.
The problem I found was that the tagged KJV is rather different to 
the NASB. Instead of marking a span of word(s) with a number, the 
numbers are simply placed after the main word referred to, eg:

Genesis 1:1  KJV In the beginning <07225> God <0430> created <01254> 
(08804) <0853> the heaven <08064> and <0853> the earth <0776>.

THis works fine because we can either reconstruct the span starting 
after the previous number or leave it as it is.

(On the whole I prefer the latter. THe Hebrew for "in the beginning" 
is all one word because "in the" is marked by a prefix on the word. 
But the Hebrew vocabulary listed in the Strong's number doesn't 
include this prefix, so really it refers only to the main word. On 
the whole, I like the number after the word as it is in this version. 
It is more accurate in many ways, and it doesn't stop us from 
creating a span. )

I compared this against the ESV, then ran lots of macros till I got a 
text like this:

Gen 1:1 In the beginning, <07225> God <0430> created <01254>(08804) 
the heavens <08064> and the earth. <0776>
Gen 1:2 The earth <0776> was <01961>(08804) without form <08414> and 
void, <0922> and darkness <02822> was over the face <06440> of the 
deep <08415> . And the Spirit <07307> of God was hovering over<0430> 
moved <07363>(08764) upon <05921> the face <06440> of the waters. <04325>

If you remove the underlined text, this is the text of the ESV with 
numbering in the right places, though missing in a few places.
THe underlined bits are the KJV for the numbers which are missing.

So, for v.1 which has no underlining, there is no work to do
For v.2 which has two portions of underlining, there are two words 
which need fixing
- the first portion underlined is "moved <07363>(08764)", which means 
we need to look for the ESV equivalent of "moved" and put 
"<07363>(08764)" after it. The second portion is "upon <05921>" so we 
have to look for the ESV equivalent of "upon"
- the words in bold which are not underlined are the ones which the 
program thinks need fixing.
- it is fairly easy to see that "was hovering over" is the ESV 
equivalent to the KJV "moved upon", so the numbers for "moved" go 
after "hovering" and the number for "upon" goes after "over"
- this is easy for a human to see, but painfully difficult for a 
program to work out.

Can you figure out an easy way to present this for people to do?

David IB 
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