[tyndale-devel] Downloading the first version of STEP, running standalone on a computer

Chris Burrell chris at burrell.me.uk
Tue Mar 22 03:49:26 MST 2011


I have now enhanced the maven build so that a "deploy" will package up and
deploy a standalone version of the application into Nexus. I will try and
deploy to Nexus regularly, although it takes a lot longer than a normal
build because of the uploading. Hopefully when we have a CI, we can get all
this automated anyway.

So to run the standalone application, please just download the following

In the future, the versions will be put here:
indicating we are working towards version 1.0)

Download, unzip, and then type on a command line in that directory
java -jar *.jar (not sure why double click doesn't work on Windows 7, not
sure about other platforms).

Note: the db is configured to be solely in memory at the moment. I need to
enhance the build so that we can specify some of that on the command line
while building (so that build can redirect to a data file-based database -
H2, SqlLite, MySQL). When I/someone does the enhancing, we'll also make sure
we use a non-default port and add a flag to ensure that can be
overridden. At the moment, changes are lost between restarts (e.g.

Enjoy and let me know if that works...
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