[sword-devel] moving away from freenode

Caleb Maclennan caleb at alerque.com
Fri May 28 03:41:09 EDT 2021

Yes, the Freenode meltdown is *way* ahead of schedule. I've been 
watching the train wreck from a safe distance and it's one of the most 
reckless and wantonly irresponsible series of events I've witnessed in 
internet history. In 2021 that's saying something. Everything there 
needs to be evacuated post haste.

Personally I'd like to see the IRC channel survive and migrate to either 
Libera or OFTC. Both of those networks now have operational Matrix 
bridges. That brings three of the largest open chat platforms used for 
open source (Gitter, Matrix, & IRC) able to interact in the same 
channels seamlessly. This means end users can connect from any of 
hundreds of apps from web clients to terminal clients to native desktop 
apps to mobile apps. With bridging enabled all three ecosystems operate 
natively as if everybody was in the same place.

Discord is a cool system, but it is a closed source platform and 
relatively closed ecosystem. It is not easy to connect to from the 
terminal, and the mobile app isn't something I'm going to leave running, 
etc. Since there isn't much choice in apps I'm kind of stuck with their 
version, which may or may not suite different needs. I've been okay with 
it for special purposes like a conference, but find it too high friction 
to stay connected indefinitely.


P.S. I would suggest the same for #xiphos as well. Note #bibletime has 
gone with OFTC.

  On 2021-05-26 23:12, Karl Kleinpaste wrote:

> https://twitter.com/nazunalika/status/1397632808458219522
> (Context: For those unaware, Rocky Linux is a 1:1 replacement for 
> Centos, now that Centos 8 is in its premature last year, becoming a 
> "stream" release positioned between Fedora and RHEL, rather than in a 
> post-RHEL rebuild position.)
> I was not aware until now that channels were being branded with "topic 
> violations," and then "seized" somehow. So it appears that the freenode 
> meltdown is proceeding ahead of expected pace. And it seemed previously 
> that opinion is widely that we should finish abandoning freenode in 
> favor of some{where,thing} else.
> Personally I'm in favor of Discord, mostly from simple familiarity.
> Any other concrete suggestions that folks would be interested in 
> bringing into existence promptly?
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