[sword-devel] moving away from freenode

domcox dominique at corbex.org
Fri May 28 14:07:11 EDT 2021

Caleb Maclennan writes:

> Personally I'd like to see the IRC channel survive and migrate 
> to either 
> Libera or OFTC. Both of those networks now have operational 
> Matrix 
> bridges. That brings three of the largest open chat platforms 
> used for 
> open source (Gitter, Matrix, & IRC) able to interact in the same 
> channels seamlessly. This means end users can connect from any 
> of 
> hundreds of apps from web clients to terminal clients to native 
> desktop 
> apps to mobile apps. With bridging enabled all three ecosystems 
> operate 
> natively as if everybody was in the same place.


I'm in for keeping an IRC Channel.
I'm using an XMPP server which provides an IRC Gateway.
So I'm able to connect to IRC channels with any XMPP client 
(https://dino.im/ actually).
I tried Matrix/element/fractal for a while but I prefer this 
It has the double benefit of beeing fast and lightweight which is 
of great interest when you have a slooooooow Internet connection 
or running on batteries.


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