[sword-devel] Numbers 25:19 and German versification ?

Bastian Germann bastiangermann at fishpost.de
Sat Jan 23 07:20:12 EST 2021

Am 23.01.21 um 12:53 schrieb David Haslam:
> Does anyone know why the German V11N has 19 verses rather than 18 in Numbers 25 ?

I guess that it is a bad decision by Luther :-).

> Module GerNeUe has Versification=German but has only 18 verses in this chapter.
> It's not alone in not having a verse 19.
> cf. The KJV has only 18 verses in the same chapter.
> Does any printed Luther translation have a verse 19 ?

I just checked in a Luther 1984. It has a verse 19. Fun fact: The 
typesetter set verse 19 at the beginning of Numbers 26.

> The HunUj module (also with v11n=German) here reads:
> Numbers 25:19: A csapás után a következők történtek:
> Numbers 26:1: Az Úr ezt mondta Mózesnek és Eleázár papnak, Áron fiának:
> which Google translates as:
> Numbers 25:19: After the blow, the following happened:
> Numbers 26:1 And the LORD spake unto Moses and unto Eleazar the son of Aaron the priest,
> This might indicate that v19 was brought forward from the first part of 26:1 in other translations.

Some German translations that do not follow the Luther versification 
strictly, do that as well. E.g. Schlachter and Menge.

> Yet it seems rather odd that any translation interpolates "the following happened" merely to comport with the strange placement of "After the blow (plague?)" which is without even a verb.
> e.g. GerNeUe here reads:
> Numbers 26:1: Nach der Plage sagte Jahwe zu Mose und dem Priester Eleasar Ben-Aaron:
> which translates as:
> Numbers 26:1: After the plague, the Lord said to Moses and Eleazar Ben-Aaron the priest:

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