[sword-devel] LXX (Beta) 2.7 and Strong number.

Fr Cyrille fr.cyrille at tiberiade.be
Sun Jan 3 02:59:29 EST 2021

Le 02/01/2021 à 22:23, pierre amadio a écrit :
> Hi there !
> There is a new LXX (2.7) module available in the "CrossWire Beta" repository.
> If i compare with version 2.5, there are notable improvements:
> - Accents and spirits are now available !
> - The morphology code is actually packard (the version 2.5 told it was
> packard, but it looked more like Robinson).
This is very interresting because I can read the morph on xiphos. Maybe 
you find why....
> There is however a change of output that is unfortunate, by example
> ἐπεφέρετο in Genesis 1:2
> diatheke -b LXX -o amn -f OSIS -k Genesis 1:2
> V2.5 gives G2018 as associated strong number:
> <w lemma="strong:G2018" morph="packard:V-IMI-3S">επεφερετο</w>
> V2.7 gives G0,G0:
> <w lemma="strong:G0,G0 lex:φερω,επι" morph="packard:V1I+IMI3S"
> xlit="betacode:E)PEFE/RETO">επεφερετο</w>
> Looking for occurence of G2018:
> diatheke -b LXX -s attribute -r Genesis -k "Word//Lemma./G2018/"
> 3 matches with version 2.5
> 0 matches with version 2.7
> Looking for occurence of G0:
> diatheke -b LXX -s attribute -r Genesis -k "Word//Lemma./G0/"
> 0 matches for version 2.5
> 1481 matches for version 2.7
> It looks like there are several lost strong number id.
> Could it be related with the fact that the word is now shown as a
> composite of φερω and επι ?
> The strong definition of G2018 already mention it is made out of G1909
> and G5342.
> Is there a way to keep G2018 as the associated strong number ?
With the new LXX we scripts the strong number when you have a G0 that 
means the word has no strong number in the strong dictionary. By 
instance I noticed this with Nabuchonodosor.
It's some thing to improve. But I notice too, that in the old LXX 
module, greek words had no strong numbers too.
Sorry for the short answer, I'll come back later.
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