[sword-devel] LXX (Beta) 2.7 and Strong number.

pierre amadio amadio.pierre at gmail.com
Sat Jan 2 16:23:43 EST 2021

Hi there !

There is a new LXX (2.7) module available in the "CrossWire Beta" repository.
If i compare with version 2.5, there are notable improvements:

- Accents and spirits are now available !
- The morphology code is actually packard (the version 2.5 told it was
packard, but it looked more like Robinson).

There is however a change of output that is unfortunate, by example
ἐπεφέρετο in Genesis 1:2

diatheke -b LXX -o amn -f OSIS -k Genesis 1:2

V2.5 gives G2018 as associated strong number:

<w lemma="strong:G2018" morph="packard:V-IMI-3S">επεφερετο</w>

V2.7 gives G0,G0:
<w lemma="strong:G0,G0 lex:φερω,επι" morph="packard:V1I+IMI3S"

Looking for occurence of G2018:
diatheke -b LXX -s attribute -r Genesis -k "Word//Lemma./G2018/"

3 matches with version 2.5
0 matches with version 2.7

Looking for occurence of G0:

diatheke -b LXX -s attribute -r Genesis -k "Word//Lemma./G0/"

0 matches for version 2.5
1481 matches for version 2.7

It looks like there are several lost strong number id.
Could it be related with the fact that the word is now shown as a
composite of φερω and επι ?
The strong definition of G2018 already mention it is made out of G1909
and G5342.

Is there a way to keep G2018 as the associated strong number ?

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