[sword-devel] TEI Question

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Tue Jul 21 13:19:58 EDT 2020

On 7/21/20 11:44 AM, Gary Holmlund wrote:
> The question is about the first token, entryFree n="abrogate". Should
> it cause any visible text to be displayed? 

It's certainly true that the XHTML visual rendering of an entry includes
both the "entryFree" as well as the "orth" form, which are usually the same.

$diatheke -b Cawdrey -f xhtml -k abrogate
[...preamble deleted...]
<span class="entryFree">abrogate</span><span
class="orth">abrogate</span>, <span class="def">take away, disanull,

The preamble block includes nothing for "orth," and for "entryFree," it
contains just "{display:block;}" which has no visual manifestation or
distinguishing feature that I can see in Xiphos.

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