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Hi Eric,

Although I do use imp2vs myself for module test builds, etc.
it’s no longer a method that the modules team accepts for module submissions.
And yes - I appreciate that this is not the context for your current project,

IMHO, you’d be better off converting your IMP file to OSIS by means of imp2osis.pl
then using osis2mod to build the module.

imp2vs does not have a mechanism to append the text of a verse
that’s outside the chapter’s v11n to the last verse in the same chapter.
It merely places it in the next slot (as it were), irrespective of whether that slot is “empty” or not.
This explains your observation about Jude 0:0

I’m currently working with Jon & Cyrille on a different text source that has (e.g) 4 extra verses in one chapter of Exodus.
The text of these 4 verses get badly misplaced by imp2vs. The proper solution was as I indicated above.

NB. The .conf key Versification has no effect during module build. Only during module read.

Best regards,


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On Mon, Jul 13, 2020 at 10:17, Eric Gillespie <brickviking at gmail.com> wrote:

> Warning: long read ahead, I've been cobbling this together over the
> period of a couple of hours and it's had six edits, gained lots of
> lines, lost quite a few others.
> Initial Problem: Importing nrsv.imp from my own sources wasn't
> resulting in 3Jn1:15 rendering in output (more on that later).
> The reason I was compiling Sword is because there's something a bit
> weird when I import text from some NRSV text I have, and I was hoping
> that some of the recent code put in since 1.8.1 was issued would help.
> I've got the NRSV text in imp format, so I ran the following:
> imp2vs -z z -b 4 -v NRSV NRSV.imp -o /home/user/.sword/modules/texts/ztext/nrsv
> ...
> adding III John 1:15 length 91/91
> ...
> (At this time I did not have a Versification=NRSV line in nrsv.conf)
> What I get out of the front ends (xiphos (sword-1.8.900.3754),
> bibletime (sword-1.8), lookup and diatheke (sword-1.8.900.3754)) is:
> no 3Jn 1:15 (there is one in NRSV).
> * mod2imp also shows 3Jn 1:15 in Jude 0:0's position:
> $$$Jude 0:0
> Peace to you. The .....
> So I changed tacks. I slightly modified nrsv.conf and added this line
> (it wasn't there previously): Versification=NRSV
> Amazingly, I now get a 3Jn 1:15, but now Jude 1:1 is a bit munted and
> the book only lasts for 24 verses, it's supposed to be 25. That has a
> knock-on effect to Revelation, of course.
> * xiphos (in italics, preceding Jude 1:1) Jude, a servant of Jesus
> Christ and brother of James, .... Jude 1:1 May mercy, peace, and love
> .... 1:2 Beloved, .....
> * original imp source:
>>$$$Jude 1:1
>>Jude, a servant of Jesus Christ and brother of James, ....
>>$$$Jude 1:2
>>May mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance.
>>$$$Jude 1:25
>>to the only God our Savior, through...
> Converting the text back out of the module results in this output:
>>mod2imp NRSV -s >> myfile.imp
>>$$$Jude 1:0
>>Jude, a servant of Jesus Christ and brother of James, ....
>>$$$Jude 1:2
>>May mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance.
>>$$$Jude 1:25
> (Yes, that's a blank line there)
>>$$$Revelation 1:0
>>The revelation of Jesus Christ ...
> So. Where do I go from here? This module is only ever going to be for
> my personal consumption as I don't have the relevant publisher's
> permission to upload it nor would I undertake that load.
> Regards, Brickviking (a.k.a. DrSmokey)
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