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Eric Gillespie brickviking at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 20:57:46 EDT 2020

David Haslam wrote (July 13):
>imp2vs does not have a mechanism to append the text of a verse that’s
outside the chapter’s v11n to the last verse in the same chapter.
Understood. That's why I provided -v NRSV to imp2vs.

The reason I originally selected imp format is because vpl is limited to
KJV versification; I also understand how to output imp from my input. I
can't say the same for anything else yet. If you need details about what I
actually have, ask me here (or privately). Would you suggest going straight
from my original input file (which isn't IMP or VS) into OSIS?

Obviously OSIS is a whole lot more complicated in comparison to imp, and
even GBF is currently beyond my understanding. I've just built a converter
in bash to output USFM, that was a couple of days to get it working, and
I'm still not sure I got it right.
Regards, Brickviking (a.k.a. DrSmokey)
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