[sword-devel] NASB and Dictionary lookup in Xiphos

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Thu Apr 2 14:49:48 MST 2020

On 4/2/20 4:40 PM, G&J Bennett wrote:
> I generally use two modules that contain Strong's numbers - the ESV2011
> and NASB. The ESV2011 works correctly, but the NASB doesn't.
Oh...well, um...crap.


/Bother, said Pooh.

See, once upon a midnight dreary, lo these ages ago, in the Before 
Times, there was a NASB module underway that was going to be released 
with its own, directly attached NAS Heb/Grk dictionaries. And the 
situation was so deliciously special case that I actually added code to 
Strong's hovers/clicks to take NASB directly to those dictionaries. 'Cuz 
I had the beta NASB and the NAS dictionaries, and they were going to be 
a set that always went together, and I've worked with them for a simply 
indecent amount of time.

And now that assumption that once was perceived as so beneficial is just 
plain wrong. /Oops./

Another thing to take care of Real Soon Now. Special case code to be 

Apologies, again, for not having gotten back to it soon enough. The 
COVID thing has been a monkey on my back because it directly affects my 
family. (I have elderly family in NYC...in Queens...the hotspot of the 
hotspot.) I am trying to get to it, but you wouldn't believe the 
combination of work stuff as we've gone to telecommute plus emergency 
runs into Ohio for other family before they went to lockdown plus heaven 
knows what else has been in my way. I'll get there very soon. I'm very 
sorry for the delay.

Here's a hack workaround to make it work for right now:
1. Go to your .sword/mods.d directory.
2. Copy your Strong's dictionaries *.conf to nashebrew.conf and 
nasgreek.conf, respectively.
3. Edit the new files so that their bracketed [Name] entries at the top 
are NASHebrew and NASGreek. Don't change anything else.
4. Restart Xiphos.
5. Smile as you see hovers/clicks in NASB work.
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