[sword-devel] NASB and Dictionary lookup in Xiphos

G&J Bennett gaznjez at iinet.net.au
Thu Apr 2 13:40:22 MST 2020


I'm using Xiphos on Void Linux under Flatpak and have an issue with the
recently-released unlocked NASB module. I don't know if the issue is a
user, Xiphos or a module issue so need some guidance please.

I generally use two modules that contain Strong's numbers - the ESV2011
and NASB. The ESV2011 works correctly, but the NASB doesn't. When I
hover my mouse over a Strong's number in the ESV2011 the lookup result
of that Strong's number is shown in the Preview window. And if I click
on the Strong's number the lookup result is shown in the Dictionary
window. But neither of these operate in the NASB module - the Strong's
number becomes clickable but nothing happens when I hover or click.

Can anyone offer suggestions as to where I may find the solution

Thanks, Gary

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