[sword-devel] NASB and Dictionary lookup in Xiphos

G&J Bennett gaznjez at iinet.net.au
Thu Apr 2 15:44:19 MST 2020

Thanks Karl. All working as it should.

Regards, Gary

On Thu, 2020-04-02 at 17:49 -0400, Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> On 4/2/20 4:40 PM, G&J Bennett wrote:
> > I generally use two modules that contain Strong's numbers - the
> > ESV2011
> > and NASB. The ESV2011 works correctly, but the NASB doesn't.
>  Oh...well, um...crap.
> sigh
> Bother, said Pooh.
> See, once upon a midnight dreary, lo these ages ago, in the Before
> Times, there was a NASB module underway that was going to be released
> with its own, directly attached NAS Heb/Grk dictionaries. And the
> situation was so deliciously special case that I actually added code
> to Strong's hovers/clicks to take NASB directly to those
> dictionaries. 'Cuz I had the beta NASB and the NAS dictionaries, and
> they were going to be a set that always went together, and I've
> worked with them for a simply indecent amount of time.
> And now that assumption that once was perceived as so beneficial is
> just plain wrong. Oops.
> Another thing to take care of Real Soon Now. Special case code to be
> removed.
> Apologies, again, for not having gotten back to it soon enough. The
> COVID thing has been a monkey on my back because it directly affects
> my family. (I have elderly family in NYC...in Queens...the hotspot of
> the hotspot.) I am trying to get to it, but you wouldn't believe the
> combination of work stuff as we've gone to telecommute plus emergency
> runs into Ohio for other family before they went to lockdown plus
> heaven knows what else has been in my way. I'll get there very soon.
> I'm very sorry for the delay.
> Here's a hack workaround to make it work for right now:
> 1. Go to your .sword/mods.d directory.
> 2. Copy your Strong's dictionaries *.conf to nashebrew.conf and
> nasgreek.conf, respectively.
> 3. Edit the new files so that their bracketed [Name] entries at the
> top are NASHebrew and NASGreek. Don't change anything else.
> 4. Restart Xiphos.
> 5. Smile as you see hovers/clicks in NASB work.
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