[sword-devel] Deep Linking to Strongs on The Bible Tool

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Aug 10 17:05:17 MST 2019

Hey Don!  Great to hear from you.

Know that your work on the HTML / CSS on SWORDWeb has been used in many
other apps I've worked on which use HTML as their display technology
(including the newly release Bishop for iOS and Android).  Thank you!

So, regarding your request for fetching lexical data from SWORDWeb for
display on your Apostles' Creed study site, sure, you can do that with a
call to, e.g.,




I usually try the 'ls' mod first and if the result is < 50 characters, I
default to StrongsGreek

SWORDWeb shows them both on word click, I think.

Hope this helps.  Welcome back!


On 8/9/19 9:28 AM, Don Elbourne wrote:
> Hi guys, I pray ya'll are doing well. Its been a very long time since
> I have posted here, but I'm working on a little project and thought
> you could help.
> Is there a way to link directly to a Strongs number entry on "The
> Bible Tool?"
> http://www2.crosswire.org/study/
> We are doing a Bible study at church, on the Apostles' Creed and I
> have created an HTML interlinear to aid in our study. I wanted to link
> to an online Lexicon, for word studies, and figured this might be a
> good way to do it, if the tool has the capacity.
> BTW, nobody here probably remembers me, but I did the CSS for the
> Bible Tool, way back in the day. I am so glad that it still looks
> great. :)
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