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Horst Sclemmer schlemmerhorst1731 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 22:22:38 MST 2018

Hi all,

It's good to see this discussion going on.
I try to briefly explain the need for having the osisRef in a milestone.
As many people are able to read Russian, most translations for languages 
in the former Soviet Union use the SynadalProt versification. So, people 
comparing their translation with Russian scriptures won't be confused.
On the other hand most of the (former Soviet Union) scriptures don't 
follow the versification in every detail.
A very common difference is the problem you see in the Uighur Cyrillic 
with Romans 14 and 16.
As Peter already mentioned, there is an anomalie with the last three 
verses of Romans 14 and 16. Most western translations (KJV) follow 
manuscripts that have these verses in Romans 16:25-27, whereas 
SynodalProt has them in Romans 14:24-26.
Romans 16:25-27 seems to be the better place to have them, so most 
Central Asian translations decided, not to follow the SynodalProt 
versification here.

The milestone types "x-vsys-..." and annotateRef 
annotateTypes="x-vsys-..." are used to reference these moved verses to 
the right verses.
for all the details and possible types.
These milestone and annotateRef types are already used in a lot of OSIS 
files for scriptures in the IBT repository 

I can remove the parts that are currently not supported by the OSIS schema.
But as this is a general solution to deal with translations that vary 
from their versification, I would suggest to take the effort to adjust 
the OSIS schema and add the osisRef attribute to the milestone element.

Kind regards


On 9/13/2018 6:21 PM, David Haslam wrote:
> In the OSIS 2.1 Users Manual, for the milestone element only three attribute names are mentioned: type, n, marker
> The osisRef attribute is currently defined only for the following OSIS elements: catchWord, chapter, div, figure, note, q, reference
> If we wish to enhance the CrossWire updated OSIS schema, the request should be added as a new subsection in this wiki page:
> https://wiki.crosswire.org/OSIS_211_CR
> What does the Uighur translation team envisage as the practical use of osisRef in the OSIS example given?
> What would we expect SWORD to do with it?
> Best regards,
> David
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> On Thursday, 13 September 2018 10:01, Peter von Kaehne <refdoc at gmx.net> wrote:
>> Deal all,
>> I am in the process of uploading an update to our cyrillic Uygyur
>> module.
>> There are a few instances where the new text does not validate due to
>> use of osisRef in the milestone element. The author asserts that
>> osisRef should be possible inside the milestone element and I can not
>> see any reason indeed why it should not - other than "the schema does
>> not allow it". Below an example. The textual background is a manuscript
>> anomaly in Romans 14 and 16, where a couple of verses appear commonly
>> at the end of Romans 16, but in some manuscript in Romans 14.
>> 30965 <verse osisID="Rom.14.23 Rom.14.24 Rom.14.25 Rom.14.26"
>> sID="Rom.14.23 Rom.14.24 Rom.14.25 Rom.14.26" type="x-vsys-
>> fitted"/><milestone type="x-vsys-verse-start" annotateRef="Rom.14.23"
>> annotateType="x-vsys-source"/>Лекин бирәр йемәкликкә шәк кәлтүрүп
>> туруп, йәнә шу йемәкликни йегән киши вижданиниң әйиплишигә учрайду.
>> Чүнки у киши өзи йегән йемәкликниң тоғра екәнлигигә ишәнч қилалмиди.
>> Тоғра екәнлигигә ишәнч йоқ һалда қилинған һәр қандақ иш
>> гунадур.</p><milestone type="x-vsys-movedto" annotateRef="Rom.16.25"
>> annotateType="x-vsys-source" osisRef="Rom.14.24"/><milestone type="x-
>> vsys-movedto" annotateRef="Rom.16.26" annotateType="x-vsys-source"
>> osisRef="Rom.14.25"/><milestone type="x-vsys-movedto"
>> annotateRef="Rom.16.27" annotateType="x-vsys-source"
>> osisRef="Rom.14.26"/><verse eID="Rom.14.23 Rom.14.24 Rom.14.25
>> Rom.14.26" type="x-vsys-fitted"/><milestone type="x-vsys-verse-end"
>> annotateRef="Rom.14.23" annotateType="x-vsys-source"/>
>> Any views? Should the schema be updated or should I reject the module
>> in its current form?
>> Peter
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