[sword-devel] milestone element, osisRef attribute

Tom Sullivan info at beforgiven.info
Thu Sep 13 12:13:57 MST 2018

I also have found many discrepancies between the OSIS manual, the XSD, 
and the wiki. I pointed out some of these quite awhile back without 
response. Also, not all of the features used in the flagship KJV are 
documented all that well.

Trial and error was necessary to bring SwordHammer up to the first edition.

Given the obvious resource and volunteer time limitations, I do not have 
any good suggestions, except to code around the limitations for now and 
be patient.

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On 09/13/2018 03:03 PM, Andrew T. wrote:
> In general I've found the osisCore.2.1.1.xsd file to be incompatible 
> with claims made in the OSIS 2.1 User Manual:
> https://www.crosswire.org/osis/OSIS%202.1.1%20User%20Manual%2006March2006.pdf
> It was something of an epiphany to find that people had been making 
> incremental improvements to the osisCore.2.1.1.xsd file:
> https://wiki.crosswire.org/OSIS_211_CR
> To many module-makers issues with the osisCore.2.1.1.xsd file itself are 
> not obvious.
> While the copy called osisCore.2.1.1-cw-latest.xsd 
> <http://www.crosswire.org/%7Edmsmith/osis/osisCore.2.1.1-cw-latest.xsd>solved 
> many of the most egregious issues, there still appears to be as of yet 
> unidentified OsisCore issues in-congruent with with the User Manual.  
> Peter, is it possible the issue you describe is one such example?
> Regardless, there should likely be, at some point in the future, a 
> commitment to a review/refresh/update of osisCore itself subject of 
> course to project priority.
> On Thu, Sep 13, 2018 at 10:02 AM David Haslam <dfhdfh at protonmail.com 
> <mailto:dfhdfh at protonmail.com>> wrote:
>     Is the Uighur translation being maintained using ParaTExt ?
>     If so, what was used for the conversion from USFM to OSIS?
>     IMHO, to maintain the controlled version of a Bible translation in
>     OSIS XML would be terribly unwieldy, so it’s nigh on certain that
>     the user space x-prefix attributes (etc) must result from a script.
>     They don’t come from any of the Python scripts we are familiar with,
>     such as adyeths u2o.py
>     Best regards,
>     David
>     Sent from ProtonMail Mobile
>     On Thu, Sep 13, 2018 at 14:45, Peter Von Kaehne <refdoc at gmx.net
>     <mailto:refdoc at gmx.net>> wrote:
>>     > Von: "David Haslam" <dfhdfh at protonmail.com
>>     <mailto:dfhdfh at protonmail.com>>
>>     > What does the Uighur translation team envisage as the practical
>>     use of osisRef in the OSIS example given?
>>     > What would we expect SWORD to do with it?
>>     Reading the OSIS source, my best reading of the purpose of the
>>     marker is to provide an alternative verse start and end reference
>>     "This is Romans 14:23, but you could also have it as Romans 16:26"
>>     or some such. I think the source is convoluted, has too many
>>     extensions which are probably by and large irrelevant - but this
>>     is how I read it.
>>     What should SWORD do? Good question - maybe nothing at this
>>     moment, but always consider - we do not write modules for the
>>     current engine, but we try and encode everything and if rthere is
>>     enough demand by way of new encodings in new modules we extend the
>>     engine to cover that. So, up to a point I am perfectly happy with
>>     having plenty codes in modules which is ignored at this moment in
>>     time. A time may well come when it becomes useful. Particularly as
>>     for many things a CSS setting is all that is required. Not sure here.
>>     Peter
>>     > 30965 <verse osisID="Rom.14.23 Rom.14.24 Rom.14.25 Rom.14.26"
>>     > sID="Rom.14.23 Rom.14.24 Rom.14.25 Rom.14.26" type="x-vsys-
>>     > fitted"/><milestone type="x-vsys-verse-start"
>>     annotateRef="Rom.14.23"
>>     > annotateType="x-vsys-source"/>Лекин бирәр йемәкликкә шәк кәлтүрүп
>>     > туруп, йәнә шу йемәкликни йегән киши вижданиниң әйиплишигә учрайду.
>>     > Чүнки у киши өзи йегән йемәкликниң тоғра екәнлигигә ишәнч
>>     қилалмиди.
>>     > Тоғра екәнлигигә ишәнч йоқ һалда қилинған һәр қандақ иш
>>     > гунадур.</p><milestone type="x-vsys-movedto"
>>     annotateRef="Rom.16.25"
>>     > annotateType="x-vsys-source" osisRef="Rom.14.24"/><milestone
>>     type="x-
>>     > vsys-movedto" annotateRef="Rom.16.26" annotateType="x-vsys-source"
>>     > osisRef="Rom.14.25"/><milestone type="x-vsys-movedto"
>>     > annotateRef="Rom.16.27" annotateType="x-vsys-source"
>>     > osisRef="Rom.14.26"/><verse eID="Rom.14.23 Rom.14.24 Rom.14.25
>>     > Rom.14.26" type="x-vsys-fitted"/><milestone type="x-vsys-verse-end"
>>     > annotateRef="Rom.14.23" annotateType="x-vsys-source"/>
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