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Thanks Horst for explaining.

Why is osisRef used rather than osisID ?

The latter would be valid to the schema.


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On Mon, Sep 17, 2018 at 06:22, Horst Sclemmer <schlemmerhorst1731 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> It's good to see this discussion going on.
> I try to briefly explain the need for having the osisRef in a milestone.
> As many people are able to read Russian, most translations for languages
> in the former Soviet Union use the SynadalProt versification. So, people
> comparing their translation with Russian scriptures won't be confused.
> On the other hand most of the (former Soviet Union) scriptures don't
> follow the versification in every detail.
> A very common difference is the problem you see in the Uighur Cyrillic
> with Romans 14 and 16.
> As Peter already mentioned, there is an anomalie with the last three
> verses of Romans 14 and 16. Most western translations (KJV) follow
> manuscripts that have these verses in Romans 16:25-27, whereas
> SynodalProt has them in Romans 14:24-26.
> Romans 16:25-27 seems to be the better place to have them, so most
> Central Asian translations decided, not to follow the SynodalProt
> versification here.
> The milestone types "x-vsys-..." and annotateRef
> annotateTypes="x-vsys-..." are used to reference these moved verses to
> the right verses.
> See
> https://github.com/JohnAustinDev/osis-converters/blob/master/scripts/bible/osis2sourceVerseSystem.xsl
> for all the details and possible types.
> These milestone and annotateRef types are already used in a lot of OSIS
> files for scriptures in the IBT repository
> (http://ibt.org.ru/ftpmirror/pub/).
> I can remove the parts that are currently not supported by the OSIS schema.
> But as this is a general solution to deal with translations that vary
> from their versification, I would suggest to take the effort to adjust
> the OSIS schema and add the osisRef attribute to the milestone element.
> Kind regards
> Horst
> On 9/13/2018 6:21 PM, David Haslam wrote:
>> In the OSIS 2.1 Users Manual, for the milestone element only three attribute names are mentioned: type, n, marker
>> The osisRef attribute is currently defined only for the following OSIS elements: catchWord, chapter, div, figure, note, q, reference
>> If we wish to enhance the CrossWire updated OSIS schema, the request should be added as a new subsection in this wiki page:
>> https://wiki.crosswire.org/OSIS_211_CR
>> What does the Uighur translation team envisage as the practical use of osisRef in the OSIS example given?
>> What would we expect SWORD to do with it?
>> Best regards,
>> David
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>> On Thursday, 13 September 2018 10:01, Peter von Kaehne <refdoc at gmx.net> wrote:
>>> Deal all,
>>> I am in the process of uploading an update to our cyrillic Uygyur
>>> module.
>>> There are a few instances where the new text does not validate due to
>>> use of osisRef in the milestone element. The author asserts that
>>> osisRef should be possible inside the milestone element and I can not
>>> see any reason indeed why it should not - other than "the schema does
>>> not allow it". Below an example. The textual background is a manuscript
>>> anomaly in Romans 14 and 16, where a couple of verses appear commonly
>>> at the end of Romans 16, but in some manuscript in Romans 14.
>>> 30965 <verse osisID="Rom.14.23 Rom.14.24 Rom.14.25 Rom.14.26"
>>> sID="Rom.14.23 Rom.14.24 Rom.14.25 Rom.14.26" type="x-vsys-
>>> fitted"/><milestone type="x-vsys-verse-start" annotateRef="Rom.14.23"
>>> annotateType="x-vsys-source"/>Лекин бирәр йемәкликкә шәк кәлтүрүп
>>> туруп, йәнә шу йемәкликни йегән киши вижданиниң әйиплишигә учрайду.
>>> Чүнки у киши өзи йегән йемәкликниң тоғра екәнлигигә ишәнч қилалмиди.
>>> Тоғра екәнлигигә ишәнч йоқ һалда қилинған һәр қандақ иш
>>> гунадур.</p><milestone type="x-vsys-movedto" annotateRef="Rom.16.25"
>>> annotateType="x-vsys-source" osisRef="Rom.14.24"/><milestone type="x-
>>> vsys-movedto" annotateRef="Rom.16.26" annotateType="x-vsys-source"
>>> osisRef="Rom.14.25"/><milestone type="x-vsys-movedto"
>>> annotateRef="Rom.16.27" annotateType="x-vsys-source"
>>> osisRef="Rom.14.26"/><verse eID="Rom.14.23 Rom.14.24 Rom.14.25
>>> Rom.14.26" type="x-vsys-fitted"/><milestone type="x-vsys-verse-end"
>>> annotateRef="Rom.14.23" annotateType="x-vsys-source"/>
>>> Any views? Should the schema be updated or should I reject the module
>>> in its current form?
>>> Peter
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