[sword-devel] lack of apocrypha localization

David Haslam dfhmch at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 16 08:14:12 MST 2017

Returning to Karl's original question:

>An Italian user came into #xiphos with several questions.  One was about
book name localization.  Only these locale.d files contain translations for
the Apocrypha book names.

What's the official procedure to get changes made to any of the SWORD
locale.d files ?

e.g. To add new entries for the DC books, or to add further names &
abbreviations for PC books?

With SWORD still being maintained using SVN while "most of the world" now
uses GitHub,
is there someone that could set up a GitHub repo just for the localisation
and who would take responsibility to update CrossWire SVN after accepting
pull requests?

Just a thought.

Best regards,


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