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In reply to Cyrille,
>Same remark as above, do you have an example? 

The Vulgate has these names for OT books 9-14:
Regum I
Regum II
Regum III
Regum IV
Paralipomenon I
Paralipomenon II

Translations from the Vulgate have likewise:
1er livre des Rois 
2ème livre des Rois 
3ème  livre des Rois 
4ème livre des Rois 
1 Paralipomènes
2 Paralipomènes

These correspond to the familiar names:
1 Samuel
2 Samuel
1 Kings
2 Kings
1 Chronicles
2 Chronicles

Or in French:
1er livre de Samuel
2ème livre de Samuel
1er livre des Rois
2ème livre des Rois
1 Chroniques 
2 Chroniques

I trust this clarifies the difficulty I was reporting.

If the number of xrefs in such a module is almost negligible, 
then the module developer can check each to ensure the correct osisRef is
However, if there a large number of xrefs, this task would become

And returning to the main concern, the Perl script 'xreffix.pl' described in
would not be able to rightly determine that a reference to '1 Rois 13:12'
should be converted to osisRef="1Sam.13.12".

See https://crosswire.org/wiki/OSIS_Bibles#Marking_cross-references_notes
for the syntax required.

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