[sword-devel] lack of apocrypha localization

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Oct 16 02:18:01 MST 2017

On Mon, 2017-10-16 at 01:59 -0700, David Haslam wrote:
> In reply to Cyrille,
> > Same remark as above, do you have an example? 
> The Vulgate has these names for OT books 9-14:
> Regum I
> Regum II
> Regum III
> Regum IV
> Paralipomenon I
> Paralipomenon II
> Translations from the Vulgate have likewise:
> 1er livre des Rois 
> 2ème livre des Rois 
> 3ème  livre des Rois 
> 4ème livre des Rois 
> 1 Paralipomènes
> 2 Paralipomènes

> I trust this clarifies the difficulty I was reporting.

I would think that the immediate solution is to have a second locale
which is not distributed but solely for module making. For modules with
this "abnormality". Once the correct OSISrefs are created there is no
problem anymore with the module as such. 

The remaining problem would solely be with people putting in references
in, expecting different results (unlikely as modern French use seems to
be what Cyrille suggests).
> And returning to the main concern, the Perl script 'xreffix.pl'
> described in
> https://crosswire.org/wiki/Converting_SFM_Bibles_to_OSIS#Cross-refere
> nces
> would not be able to rightly determine that a reference to '1 Rois
> 13:12'
> should be converted to osisRef="1Sam.13.12".

With the temporarily amended locale this would be no problem. As the
locale is only used once, this is an easy fix. 


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