[sword-devel] Announcing Sword++

Jaak Ristioja jaak at ristioja.ee
Mon Sep 26 10:23:50 MST 2016

On 26.09.2016 19:43, Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> Given that there is, just as Matej points out, likely only "market" space for one library , I think success of your fork will mean exactly this - regression and breakage for those parts you are not interested in. You have made this very clear.

I also disagree with your market space theory regarding Sword/Sword++.
And how on earth did you reach to such conclusions about regressions and
breakage!? - I never said I will not support things I include in
Sword++. I only said that bindings and some other stuff will not be
included for the time being. Quite the contrary. And I'll keep pulling
fixes from Sword as well.

> But, I guess, you are not in a mood to listen to this.

o_O You think? :D


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