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I’m curious which Android app you are referring? What are the credibility concerns? (Our only offering for the Android platform is AndBible.)

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	DM Smith
> On Jun 23, 2015, at 1:05 PM, Michael O'Neill <mike at espresso473.com> wrote:
> Is anyone developing a Universal Windows Platform app?
> I have used a bible reader app on an Android tablet that functionally works great as a 'reader', but the author/endorsements raise significant credibility concerns. Even if they offered something for a Windows tablet, I would not use it.
> As a recent windows tablet convert (from Android), there is a need for a 'reader' app (not a desktop application) for simply having the ability to have a 'pocket' bible (or several).
> I am a programming hobbyist, and would be interested in developing, or helping develop an Universal Windows Platform app for 8.1
> For those wondering what the main 'needs' would include, the ability to render a text size determined by user, on a full screen, with easy navigation by book, chapter, and verse drop downs, and/or searching by "John 3:16" for example, offline.
> Thanks.
> -Mike O'Neill
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