[sword-devel] Universal Windows Platform

Michael O'Neill mike at espresso473.com
Tue Jun 23 10:05:40 MST 2015

Is anyone developing a Universal Windows Platform app?

I have used a bible reader app on an Android tablet that functionally works great as a 'reader', but the author/endorsements raise significant credibility concerns. Even if they offered something for a Windows tablet, I would not use it.

As a recent windows tablet convert (from Android), there is a need for a 'reader' app (not a desktop application) for simply having the ability to have a 'pocket' bible (or several).

I am a programming hobbyist, and would be interested in developing, or helping develop an Universal Windows Platform app for 8.1

For those wondering what the main 'needs' would include, the ability to render a text size determined by user, on a full screen, with easy navigation by book, chapter, and verse drop downs, and/or searching by "John 3:16" for example, offline.


-Mike O'Neill
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