[sword-devel] Per-module CSS support

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Wed Oct 29 08:12:09 MST 2014

Very high on the entertainment value scale... In style.css, try:

body { -webkit-column-count: 2 }

This gives windows that no longer scroll vertically.  The window is
rendered as 2 columns, scrolling horizontally, like a 2-column Bible,
which is the effect I was looking for, though I didn't expect the whole
result to be "2 columns at a time" on a horizontal basis.  It's rather
like turning a page in a dead tree Bible.

Some wider generality in the CSS would be necessary, because the above
works only because Xiphos is webkit-based.  There are details to be
found on the web for handling other renderers.

Images would be a problem, because image resize is pane-based, not

>From discussion in #xiphos today, there is some re-work to be done over
last night's initial cut.  But the capability is now there and can be
put to good effect.
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