[sword-devel] Per-module CSS support

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Wed Oct 29 12:27:38 MST 2014

I am finding that I could use the help of a good CSS coder, someone who
really understands the ins & outs of this.  My understanding is very
rudimentary, and there are a number of areas of control I am trying to
find.  At the moment, I am experimenting with 2-column output, as I
mentioned in my previous note, using "body { -webkit-column-count: 2; }"
but this presents a number of problems.  Most notable:

* In a commentary module, every chapter begins v.1 with
<center><img src="/images/msstrip.gif" /></center>
The problem is that the image is slightly narrower than the pane but
much wider than 1 column.  Image auto-resize works only with the pane,
knowing nothing of the column, so when column handling engages later,
the image is arbitrarily cut off at the column width boundary.  But
because under the hood the image is wider than is visible, the text is
flowed out to the real, undisplayed image width, and thus roughly half
the text is simply cut off because it too is clamped at the column
width.  How can I control the display of the image so that e.g. it spans
the first 2 columns, but the text is all flowed only to normal column
width?  "img { -webkit-column-span: 2 }" has no effect.

* Alignment on the current verse uses anchors.  This is fine for verses
that display in the first 2 columns. Once the verse is in the
3rd-or-farther-right column, the "go to anchor" effect means that, at
most, the window focus is pushed only so far right as is necessary to
display the very edge of the current verse on which the anchor is
pinned.  How can I control the horizontal scroll placement so that the
anchor is placed such  that its column is left-justified in the pane or,
perhaps better, horizontally centered in the pane?

I am just beginning to fiddle with these things, and I would greatly
appreciate someone who knows what they're doing to offer just a bit of
CSS guidance.  Googling (and Greg :-) ) are getting me only so far.

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