[sword-devel] Per-module CSS support

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Tue Oct 28 21:01:37 MST 2014

If any module authors would be interested in experimenting with being
able to provide CSS support in your modules, I would like to offer you a
test version of Xiphos which includes an initial cut of the idea.

This evening, Xiphos gained an understanding of configuration directive
PreferredCSSXHTML=some.file.name.  This element name is as suggested by
Troy in #sword.

In the DataPath directory of your module, place a file style.css (or any
other name you like).  Edit configuration file to include the directive
using that name.  In style.css, include any arbitrary CSS content you
like.  Trivially test with e.g.,,

* { line-height: 2em ! important; }

...then re-display the chapter -- it will be double-spaced.  Replace
"2em" with "3em" -- triple-spaced.  Remove the file and re-display, back
to normal.  Anything you like goes in here; Xiphos does not vet the
content in any way, Xiphos simply inhales it and spits it back out as
part of the widget content.  Knock yourselves out with the possibilities.


The win32 installer is self-contained; Linux builds require you to have
updated BibleSync as well, also present there.

Source tarball, RPM, and win32 formats only.

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