[sword-devel] gcc 4.9.0

R Johnson ps16thypresenceisfullnessofjoy at gmail.com
Fri May 16 13:37:15 MST 2014

Interestingly, I just got that exact same error now when I tried to 
build Python bindings to Sword with VS2010, so this isn't just a GCC 
problem. I also got this same error when I tried to build Sword using 
the C# project file (and had mentioned it to you and Ben).

As I said in my other thread, it makes no sense why that line (362) 
should cause an error when all of the functions called in it are used 
without any problem in the preceding lines. The only thing different I 
can see about it is that it uses the >> operator, so it seems to me like 
the error probably is a SWIG bug.

(Maybe the C# project file was working better than we thought. But I 
still would prefer not to use it, since it's unmaintained and would 
likely need numerous hacks to work with Python. And CMake is more 
official and much nicer to use.)

Have you been able to contact SWIG about this bug? If not, should I do 
so? Where do you think we should go from here?

Thank you.

-- Timothy

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