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On Mar 18, 2014, at 5:31 AM, Peter Von Kaehne <refdoc at gmx.net> wrote:

>> Von: "David Haslam" <dfhmch at googlemail.com>
>> Module building is held up due to unsolved issues in usfm2osis.py as
>> reported in MODTOOLS.
> As a general kind of suggestion, in order to improve priority setting in bug squashing - could we make it a habit to note which specific text in making is held back by which bug (on JIRA)
> We do have also a facility to create "super bugs" but I am not fully sure yet how to do that - with all related bugs dependent on it. 
> A superbug could be a module held back by a number of problems across. Each problem would then be a single ordinary bug.

In Jira, you do this in the following way:
Create an issue, just as you always did.
Then do one of the following::
Create another issue, and link it to the other issue, choosing "is depended upon by". Alternatively, you can link a dependent issue from the other issue and choose "depends upon". You'll also note that there are pairs of choices as the link is bi-directional. We have three pairs: depends, duplicates and similarity.
On that parent issue create a sub-task.
Linking and subbing are on the More dropdown.

The two differ in the following ways:
A linked issue can be linked to any number. This is useful when something like usfm2osis.py or osis2mod has an issue that prevents a module from being rebuilt. And you want to link that issue to several module issues. You can link between Jira Projects, e.g. MODTOOLS and MOD. 
A sub-task is a break-down of a larger task and belongs to that task. A sub-task belongs to just one task. I'm not sure that a sub-task can have sub-tasks. I don't think so. You can convert a task to a sub-task at a later time. Sub-tasks cannot go between Jira Projects. I don't know if you can make a sub-task a top-level task.

I suggest using links.

There are some odd issue types that are taken from SCRUM, Agile Development: Epic, Story. Where Epic is appropriate for a task that is too big to be done all at once and begs to be broken down further. 

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