[sword-devel] Welsh beibl.net complete Bible

Peter Von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Tue Mar 18 02:31:09 MST 2014

> Von: "David Haslam" <dfhmch at googlemail.com>
> Module building is held up due to unsolved issues in usfm2osis.py as
> reported in MODTOOLS.

As a general kind of suggestion, in order to improve priority setting in bug squashing - could we make it a habit to note which specific text in making is held back by which bug (on JIRA)

We do have also a facility to create "super bugs" but I am not fully sure yet how to do that - with all related bugs dependent on it. 

A superbug could be a module held back by a number of problems across. Each problem would then be a single ordinary bug.


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