[sword-devel] Welsh beibl.net complete Bible

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Mar 18 04:54:33 MST 2014

On 03/18/2014 01:40 AM, David Haslam wrote:
> Guys,
> We've had the full project Paratext/USFM files from Arfon Jones since last
> July.
> Module building is held up due to unsolved issues in usfm2osis.py as
> reported in MODTOOLS.

To be clear, there's currently a hold on all module releases. This is 
because there are currently bugs in the toolchain that transforms USFM 
to OSIS and that transforms OSIS to Sword modules. Some of these are 
long-standing, and I'm nervous/wary about their causing data-loss. As a 
result, I want to concentrate on fixing bugs. I figure that my time is 
better spent fixing reported bugs than determining whether a particular 
module would be affected by a particular bug.

My own personal TODO list, as pertains to this issue, is:

1) Clear all of the bugs in JIRA pertaining to osis2mod. (I mean this to 
be within reason. Some bugs may be generally irrelevant to module 
releases. Others could conceivably be so obscure or so far outside my 
ken that I can't find their source.) With the closure of MODTOOLS-1, I 
might be at the point where I can move on to #2...

2) Clear all OSIS-formatted submissions to modules at crosswire.org.

3) Re-issue any OSIS-formatted modules that likely suffered from 
recently fixed bugs.

4) Clear all of the bugs in JIRA pertaining to usfm2osis.py.

5) Clear all USFM-formatted submissions to sword-modules at crosswire.org 
(or elsewhere).

6) Re-issue any USFM-formatted modules that likely suffered from 
recently fixed bugs.

7) Finish the last bits of the script that builds & auto-update modules 
from Michael Johnson's site. (It's almost done, I promise, but the 
aforementioned utilities have been too buggy/sketchy to make this live.)

8) ...

9) Rejoice! / Take a nap.

There are some out-of-channel issues that I am also working on, of 
course. If you're following sword-cvs, you'll be aware of these already, 
but I'm trying to clear up some bugs & complete the implementation of 
various new features for 1.8. So the above TODO list doesn't necessarily 
mean that the completion of one task will immediately lead to my work on 
the subsequent task. But we should get there soon--and before 1.8.


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