[sword-devel] Modules Don't Work

Isaac Dunham ibid.ag at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 17:51:24 MST 2014

Hello Jon,
I've run into issues with installmgr not working as documented previously;
here's some notes:
1. If you used sudo, be sure to "sudo rm -r ~/.sword" before trying to
set things up.
Otherwise, you may be dealing with read-only config files and install paths.

2. Before installing anything, you will have to create 
~/.sword/sword.conf containing this:
where <username> stands for your login name.

A shortcut in the console:
mkdir ~/.sword && \
printf "[INSTALL]\nDataPath=$HOME/.sword\n" >~/.sword/sword.conf

This can be done after syncing the repositories if you prefer.

You may wish to check if /etc/sword.conf contains anything beyond
a similar directive.

3. installmgr will report success when it didn't succeed due to read-only
To check whether the modules are installed, I suggest:
diatheke -b system -k modulelist

Hope this helps you,
Isaac Dunham

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