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Fri Jun 15 02:23:46 MST 2012

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> My overall question is what ways have you found to be the most effective
> module creating methods? What would you recommend?  

What is the language of the text? This has significance for the xrefs.

The current best way to create a module is to use usfm2osis.pl, then edit xreffix.pl to reflect the text you have, create a sword locale file for your language + run that xreffix.pl + run title_cleanup.pl. This then needs to get validated against the OSIS definition and only once validated it should be run through osis2mod. Again all error messages here need addressing + all "WRITE" messages need checking if appropriate - they might reflect errors in the underlying USFM verse and chapter tagging.

I tend to run the usfm2osis.pl, xml validation and osis2mod steps repeatedly on a per book base until I know I have all problems fixed. Then I create an overarching OSIS file, validate this a last time and then go and fix the xrefs and titles + create a module.

To have a module configuration file there is another script confmaker.pl which will extract all OSIS features your text has. You can then edit the conf file and add the licence, copyright details and anything else you want.

After that you should have a decent enough module with working and nice cross references.

Bibledit creates a module solely for translation team internal purposes - to test and mess around with it. It does not attempt to create a really good module. This is not its purpose.

All attempts to have a straight, no manual checking/editing workflow flow from paratext to module are bound to fail dt the not infrequent mistakes in USFM texts - even high quality texts. While Paratext does provide a decent amount of tests, I have so far not seen a single text which was error free.


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