[sword-devel] Installing new/updated locales like we do for modules?

Konstantin Maslyuk kalemas at mail.ru
Tue Mar 1 02:44:56 MST 2011

Since  SlideBible  has problems with locales too, it takes too long to
load  all  locales,  normally  application  starts in 4 secs, with all
locales  -  60  secs.  I  think  it is able to change locale selection
mechanism to load new locales on demand.

Also   if   frontend   will   decide  when  to  update  locales,  like
InstallMgr::updateLocales(),  it would be ok, but updated locales will
be  available  after  restart.  Otherwise  system  localemgr should be
replaced at runtime and i do not know what it would involve.

I would make it, if it would help anyone.

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