[sword-devel] Installing new/updated locales like we do for modules?

Nic Carter niccarter at mac.com
Wed Mar 9 21:19:39 MST 2011

Just wanted to add to this (yes, I know this is over a week old - I'm about that far behind with email atm):

PocketSword does a check on launch for what locale the device is set to.  It will then find that SWORD locale and will copy that (and only that) locale to the correct locales.d folder so as to keep app launch time low.  I find that PocketSword also takes a fair bit longer to start with all the available locales in the locales.d folder.  We have to do a new check at each subsequent app launch, as the user can change their device locale between launches (switching the device locale will automatically force-quit all open apps, I have found, which is handy for me)...  :)

I've been considering how to speed up the loading of the locales, and I have already made several optimisations to SWORD for use on iOS devices (which is all in the mercurial repo on bitbucket).  Hopefully I'll have time to do some more of these so I can (hopefully, eventually) use the full set of UTF8 locales in PocketSword at the same time.  :)

Thanks, ybic
	nic...  :)

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On 01/03/2011, at 8:44 PM, Konstantin Maslyuk wrote:

> Since  SlideBible  has problems with locales too, it takes too long to
> load  all  locales,  normally  application  starts in 4 secs, with all
> locales  -  60  secs.  I  think  it is able to change locale selection
> mechanism to load new locales on demand.
> Also   if   frontend   will   decide  when  to  update  locales,  like
> InstallMgr::updateLocales(),  it would be ok, but updated locales will
> be  available  after  restart.  Otherwise  system  localemgr should be
> replaced at runtime and i do not know what it would involve.
> I would make it, if it would help anyone.
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