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Костя и Алёна Маслюк kalemas at mail.ru
Mon Jul 11 12:53:21 MST 2011


Complete list of differences between KJV and Synodal v11ns was published  
on this list a half of a year ago. Ask me and i will send this data again.

This conversation get to the list not for the first time and we still have  
no solution. Chris, if you have any idea, i will be glad to spend my time  
on this, or anything related to Russian in Sword. Just a little of  
coordination of efforts. By the way, there are typos in RusSynodal i want  
to fix (they are available on Jira).

Martin Denham <mjdenham �� gmail.com> писал(а) в своём письме Mon, 11 Jul  
2011 21:49:39 +0400:

> I have asked a Russian user to look at it and he and a Russian pastor  
> think
> it looks okay but he is going to give more feedback in 2 weeks.  Are the
> differences documented anywhere so I can tell my contact of possible  
> problem
> areas to check?
> I don't have (deliberately haven't enabled) detailed stats of users but I
> can see a breakdown of by country/language - top 10 only.  Russian used  
> to
> be in the middle somewhere but now it has dropped off the bottom so I  
> have
> no record of Russian users.
> One reason we appear to have lost users might be the dynamic nature apps  
> are
> installed/uninstalled on mobiles and mobiles upgraded fairly frequently
> compared to pcs.
> Martin
> On 10 July 2011 06:07, Chris Little <chrislit �� crosswire.org> wrote:
>> On 7/9/2011 1:46 PM, Martin Denham wrote:
>> Doesn't And Bible not support av11n? If it doesn't, I would not  
>> recommend
>> making the avraw repo available to And Bible users. Since the book  
>> order,
>> chapter counts, & verse counts are all radically different in the  
>> Synodal
>> v11n (relative to the KJV), the correspondence between verse number (as
>> reported by And Bible) and verse text will quickly become very  
>> inaccurate.
>> (In the NT, it might not be so bad, though.)
>>  I was wondering if this module should work well enough with existing
>> "Most Russian users" quit using And Bible after a module that they had
>> already installed was removed from the repo?
>> --Chris
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