[sword-devel] Strong's Numbers assignment

Konstantin Maslyuk kalemas at mail.ru
Wed Aug 31 05:30:30 MST 2011

>> Or can someone just tell me what to do with strong numbers that are in
>> original  text but was omitted in target text. Can i also omit them or
>> i  should  add  those strongs on any most appropriate word, if omitted
>> word is sentence beginning/ending can i also just put strong number on
>> sentence beginning/ending not taking into account to word meaning?

> You can omit them, but then a strong's number search won't find the verse.

> Or put them at the end. It'd be good if front ends did not display
> them in verses when they weren't associated with a word. But since
> they don't, I wouldn't put them at the beginning. But add them in
> the order that they occurred in the original Greek.

Thank  you  this  is  helpful.  What  about  adding omitted strongs to
nearest  word  in  destination  text,  so  user can view those strongs

> But is is best to mark the proper word.

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