[sword-devel] Strong's Numbers assignment

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Wed Aug 31 08:27:00 MST 2011

On 08/31/2011 08:30 AM, Konstantin Maslyuk wrote:
>>> Or can someone just tell me what to do with strong numbers that are in
>>> original  text but was omitted in target text. Can i also omit them or
>>> i  should  add  those strongs on any most appropriate word, if omitted
>>> word is sentence beginning/ending can i also just put strong number on
>>> sentence beginning/ending not taking into account to word meaning?
>> You can omit them, but then a strong's number search won't find the verse.
>> Or put them at the end. It'd be good if front ends did not display
>> them in verses when they weren't associated with a word. But since
>> they don't, I wouldn't put them at the beginning. But add them in
>> the order that they occurred in the original Greek.
> Thank  you  this  is  helpful.  What  about  adding omitted strongs to
> nearest  word  in  destination  text,  so  user can view those strongs
> numbers?
That's what I meant by adding them in the original Greek order. I'm not 
sure whether adding them to the prior word/phrase or having them be 
empty would be better.
>> But is is best to mark the proper word.
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